Value Creation: How to Win More Deals, Increase Wallet Share, and Improve Margins by Leading Value
Anthony Iannarino

12:45 PM

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"Sales leaders who want to win business at sustainable margins are charged with leading value creation and capture."
— Anthony Iannarino

Session Overview

Sales organizations are being squeezed to produce ever-greater results at lower and lower margins. In an attempt to control their costs, their clients and prospects continually work to commoditize their offerings and force prices down—even at the cost of underinvesting in the results they need.

Sales leaders and sales managers need to win more opportunities, improve their wallet share, and increase their margins, and they need their sales force to create value—and capture enough of that value to profitably deliver for their clients and customers. Sales leaders that want new logos, increased opportunities within their client portfolios, and increased margin, they must lead the sales force in both creating and capturing value.

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