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“ is exactly what we were looking for... allowing us to dramatically increase the number of leads a single representative can effectively manage.”
Mark Pardy
Market Analyst
Dun & Bradstreet
“Each rep is making between 200 and 300 calls per day and they can leave a voicemail or email with the click of a single button.”
Don Pinansky
eBenefits Direct

Do 8 hours of work in 2 hours

Prospectors can make 350+ dials a day, Closers quadruple output

Smart sales managers and reps know that all the talent and skill in the world isn't going to create sales without one, crucial element to drive their success: good leads.'s unique blend of sales software "power tools" gives sales professionals the edge they need to maximize every lead and every contact, doubling or tripling the number of opportunities in the pipeline.

From a single sales rep to an entire inside sales division, helps industry pros:

  • Capture Web-generated leads in real time. No messy handoff between sales and marketing.
  • Respond to leads in seconds or minutes, not hours or days. Immediate response to new leads is proven to double or triple contact and qualifying rates.
  • Track leads from the moment the enter the system, providing key insights into what is actually working, and what isn't.
  • Double or triple the effectiveness of phone calling activities, moving potential sales forward with every dial.

With, we want you to do one, simple thing: sell more. Put yourself in a turbo-charged driver's seat—and put your competition on a moped.

Start a free trial now and see how we can help your real bottom line: more sales.

Start Your Free Trial is a BBB Accredited Computer Software Service in Provo, UT

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