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InsideSales.com Rollouts – August’s cool enhancements

Top enhancements for August include  timers and warnings and duping, oh my. Timers used to track employee login and dialer usage time now stop even if the user forgets to stop them when they log out. This enhancement increases the accuracy our timers used to calculate efficiencies in dialing and total hours worked or not [...]

InsideSales.com Rollouts – July’s Sweetness

In July we improved salesforce.com, importing, and the dynamic dialer. Really salesforce.com is a fantastic application, we just improved our AppExchange product. The first upgrade was an warning to our clients of possible errors and downtime they may experience if they change a user password in salesfroce.com or insidesales.com. The second enhancement we made was to [...]

InsideSales.com Rollouts – The Best of June

In June we put our hands on JabberDog, the Files tab, and your credit card. We added JabberDog calls to the Dialer Usage report for enhanced analysis of voice broadcast calls. Now you can see who the Dog called, how long he barked, and what the results of the said incident were. Added a listen button [...]

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