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Lead Response Infographic

Lead Response Management Infographic (Small)

Inside Sales fundamentally changed with the ground breaking research first released in 2007 revealing best practices to responding to marketing generated leads.

The topic has lead to a Harvard Business Review article, Inc. Article, and countless others. It has been downloaded over eighty thousand times, and has initiated the Lead Response Management Industry. The following is an infographic of the key finding from the analysis.

Infographic - The Best Practices for Lead Response Management, by InsideSales.com
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5 thoughts on “Lead Response Infographic

  1. Great infographic! I am curious what the major hurdles are for companies to correct this problem. Do most of them simply not recognize the problem, or do they recognize it but have other hurdles in the way?

    • Hi Paul, great question. We are preforming a follow on study with Harvard and Ohio State looking to find the answer to that question, and best resolutions. In the analysis, so far we see operational, political (internal politics), and technical as hurdles to solving the inability to respond quickly to marketing generated leads.

  2. Hi Dave,

    Interesting stats indeed. Is it safe to assume that the research carried out was based on US businesses? We are based in Singapore, so I am interested to know from a cultural perspective how the stats would measure up across the Asia & Pacific Regions.



  3. Great info graphic! We hear quite a bit that the consumer is changing. The 57/43 concept of the customer doesn’t want to engage with sales until they are farther down (57%) of the research path. I would love to see research on the contact/conversion data on MQL vs just a lead. If the person is just entering their research phase and you approach them to quickly what data shows the possible negative impact on this type of touch.

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