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Sales Compensation: How to Align Inside Sales With the Field

Sales Compensation: How to Align Inside Sales With the Field

Does your sales compensation plan inspire teamwork between inside sales and field reps? Brent Holloway, senior manager of global inside sales, enterprise security products at Hewlett-Packard, shares the techniques he uses to motivate reps to work together. Holloway recently discussed some of these best practices at the Sales Acceleration Summit. You can watch his presentation [...]

What’s the Biggest and Greenest Technology Event Happening This Week?

What’s the Biggest and Greenest Technology Event Happening This Week?

Hint:  It isn’t South by Southwest (SXSW).  While thousands of music aficionados, film buffs and techno-geeks have descended upon Austin, Texas, a forward-thinking, high-growth technology company in Utah has been quietly plotting the world’s largest virtual event for sales and marketing professionals.  The company is InsideSales.com and the event is called the Sales Acceleration Summit.  [...]

Dialer Software Forecasts B2B Sales Based on the Weather

Dialer Software Forecasts B2B Sales Based on the Weather

Does the weather affect the chance of getting a prospect on the phone? InsideSales.com CEO and Founder Dave Elkington thought it might and decided to test his theory. InsideSales.com is commonly known for its dialer software, PowerDialer, that has helped customers improve contact rates by up to 65 percent, increase call volumes by up to [...]

Why Timing Is Everything When Responding to Web Leads

Speed matters when it comes to effectively responding to web leads. InsideSales.com conducted an original research study in 2007 and again in 2012 that found that if a company calls a lead within five minutes of the time the prospect submitted a web form, it is 100 times more likely to get that prospect on [...]

Sales Secrets: The Power of Leading with Research and Relevance

I recently had the privilege to be part of a panel with Tony Blair, the former Prime Minister of the UK. While leading the forum, I said, “Mr. Prime Minister, we’ve all heard of the British Invasion. We know about The Beatles. We know about the Rolling Stones. But, I wonder how many people in [...]

How to Measure Outbound Sales Success

Near the end of last year, it dawned on me that my company, AG Salesworks, didn’t have an index to measure the effectiveness of our outbound sales efforts. We had great data; we were meticulously tracking all of our outbound teleprospecting reps’ activity, but we didn’t have a solid benchmark. So, I sat down with [...]

InsideSales.com Lead Generation Research Featured in Online Publications

Research conducted by InsideSales.com’s business intelligence team on the effectiveness of various lead generation methods has been featured in several online publications including: MarketingProfs, CIO.com, eWeek, TMCnet, NetworkWorld.com and Computerworld.com. The study identified 27 specific marketing methods that are being utilized in 2013 and ranked them by which ones were most used and most effective at generating leads [...]

Sales Process Becoming More Sustainable and Good for the Environment

A revolution within the sales industry is resulting in a more environmentally sustainable sales process. Salespeople are spending less time in cars, planes and hotels and more time in the office closing deals on the phone and Internet. Executives are able to attend large conferences virtually, eliminating the need for excessive travel. As more of [...]

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