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Ken Krogue

Why Timing Is Everything When Responding to Web Leads

Speed matters when it comes to effectively responding to web leads. InsideSales.com conducted an original research study in 2007 and again in 2012 that found that if a company calls a lead within five minutes of the time the prospect submitted a web form, it is 100 times more likely to get that prospect on [...]

Top Sales Experts and Authors to Broadcast Weekly Google Hangout Discussion

You might have heard about Google Hangouts, but if you are like me, you probably thought of it as a chat tool much like Facebook Chat. However, it has the ability to be much more powerful than that, taking communication to a whole new level. Google Hangouts is soon to be the platform thought leaders [...]

CallidusCloud Connections Conference (C3) Begins This Weekend

InsideSales.com will be attending the CallidusCloud Connections 2013 Conference (C3) on Sunday, May 5, through Tuesday, May 7, in Sin City – the Aria in Las Vegas. Attendees at C3 will learn how to combine CallidusCloud’s tools to create a comprehensive sales and marketing suite. Those who attend will also gain new knowledge and understanding [...]

Recession, Social Media, Technology Forever Changed Sales, Say Local Experts

InsideSales.com President Ken Krogue joined a panel of sales experts yesterday at the Great Salt Lake Business Expo in Sandy to discuss “Sales Superstars.” Tyler Dabo, publisher of Utah Business magazine moderated the discussion that also included representatives from salesforce.com, Snapp Conner PR, Griffin Hill, Coldwell Banker Commercial and Kisstixx. Here are some of the [...]

Power Dialer Proves Natural Selection Right

Technology is speeding ahead at a break neck speed and all too often we forget to look behind and see the ground we’ve covered. The dialer is one of those technological advances, and a subtle one that’s been ignored. The infamous predictive dialer was one of the early dialers around (and sadly still in use) [...]

New eBook: Sales Motivation and the Importance of Workplace Gamification

Sales reps are competitive by nature – it’s in their blood. The key is understanding how to channel that competitive spirit and help it contribute to the bottom line. That’s the beauty of gamification. It’s the process of motivating employees by turning work into a game. Charles (Chuck) Coonradt, founder of The Game of Work, [...]

Forbes.com: The 12 Commandments of Incredibly Successful Trade Shows

At InsideSales.com, we are proven pros at going to trade shows and generating leads. I often get asked what our secret is and I want to share a few of them with you. In fact, I’m on my way to Chicago today with my team from InsideSales.com for the AA-ISP Leadership Summit. We used these [...]

Motivating Sales Reps: Compensation, Encouragement and Advancement

Inside Sales can be difficult. Finding top good employees can sometimes be even harder which is why when you do find an excellent sales rep you want to hold on to them. But how do you do that? We have a few suggestions. The majority of sales reps are paid a base salary with an [...]

Inside Sales Best Practices: Quality, Speed and Price – Pick Any Two

As an inside sales professional, the product you sell is catered towards a specific audience. One that wants a quick product at a low cost, a quality product that is fast, or a fast product with a low cost. Whichever you chose, it’s important as a company your executives define who the company, or the [...]

Inside Sales Executives: Defining Your Selling Model

If you’re considering starting up an inside sales department within your company, hopefully you’re doing the research needed to be successful.  If you’re at the point where you are trying to decide what type of selling model you want your sales reps to take then this blog is for you. There are two selling models [...]

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