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InsideSales.com Lead Generation Research Featured in Online Publications

Research conducted by InsideSales.com’s business intelligence team on the effectiveness of various lead generation methods has been featured in several online publications including: MarketingProfs, CIO.com, eWeek, TMCnet, NetworkWorld.com and Computerworld.com. The study identified 27 specific marketing methods that are being utilized in 2013 and ranked them by which ones were most used and most effective at generating leads [...]

Cold Calling Tactics for Inside Sales Reps from the Salesforce User Group

The Salesforce Users Group met in the new Adobe building in Lehi, Utah. During the meeting a lot of information was discussed and traded among Salesforce users. One of those things was the secret to turning a 30 second conversation into 3 minutes. Brandt Page, from Launch Leads, shared how to turn a blow off [...]

Social Selling for Sales Professionals – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest

We’re about to enter a new year, one where who knows what will happen in the world of sales –except that social selling will likely grow to be larger than ever. Social selling, in case you’re one of the few inside sales professionals out of the loop, is using social media to help find leads [...]

Faxing: A Sales Reps’ Secret Weapon

Do young sales reps even remember what a fax machine is? More importantly, do you know how to use one? Well guess what? As a tool, faxing can still be very relevant as a communications channel. With all the different ways of communication available, people have become more leery of the most common communication practices. [...]

Three InsideSales.com Executives Nominated for SLMA Award

Three InsideSales.com executives, Dave Elkington, CEO and Founder of InsideSales.com; Ken Krogue, President and Co-founder; and Michael Critchfield, VP of Sales, are in the running for the Sales Lead Management Association (SLMA) award for the 2012 ‘50 Most Influential in Sales Lead Management’. Registration and voting are free, so what are you afraid of? If [...]

Inside Sales Tip: How to Increase Lead Generation through ‘Sniper Marketing’

Sales and marketing are becoming more interconnected every day. That being said, inside sales professionals could learn a few things from their marketing counterparts in terms of generating leads. There is more to lead generation then you might think. As a marketer at InsideSales.com, my job revolves around coming up with offers and content that [...]

5 Must Read Articles for Inside Sales Professionals

As the inside sales industry continues to grow and expand, keeping up on the current best practices and techniques is extremely important if you want to be getting the most results for your effort. With that being said, below are five articles that supply best practices and tips for inside sales professionals. Take a few [...]

The #1 Way to Increase Sales Revenue – Sales Reps Take Note

I’m a marketer at insidesales.com and I’m hijacking the sales blog today. I’m writing on behalf of marketers everywhere, and I’m calling out sales professionals. The Goal of Inbound Marketers First, let me say that I like my job and I take it seriously. I strongly feel the need to produce more leads for sales. [...]

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