IVR Call Routing

Interactive Voice Response

IVR Call Routing
Get all the functionality of corporate-level interactive phone system coupled with the leading on-demand Lead Response Management (LRM) solution for a fraction of the cost.™ offers a full-fledged IVR (interactive voice response) system that provides the complete functionality of touch-tone phone menus, surveys, call forwarding, and other options. In conjunction with the other inbound systems, the IVR can improve service levels by letting customers self-manage requests, link to sales or support teams waiting to take live calls, or provide valuable information to clients without ever having to connect the caller to an agent.

The™ IVR system links to the inbound toll-free and ACD dialing systems, in many cases acting as the point of entry for the call. A caller dials a toll-free number, sending them to an IVR menu. While listening to options, the caller can be sent to a recording to play back information, forward to an ACD call route or outside line, or branch to another tree in the menu.

Advanced options provide for phone surveys, text-to-speech feedback from the™ CRM, and setting automated appointments on the CRM calendar. Recordings and menu options can be changed in a matter of seconds from within the system using the™ voice messaging system. Set your own hold music, loop back and timeout options to meet your company's needs.

The Inbound IVR receives a toll free call that rings into the hosting center and is routed to an interactive voice response (IVR) with virtually unlimited capabilities to add automated efficiency and effectiveness to your inside sales and marketing teams.


  1. Streamlined Call Process — Inbound callers can now ”pre-sort“ themselves by need, letting managers determine which calls take priority. Through the IVR recording playback feature, callers can receive key information without ever having to talk to a live agent, reducing costs.

  2. Linked to Other Systems — There's no need to buy a separate, in-house IVR system to manage calls; the IVR can take full advantage of the toll-free and ACD systems, and it's directly linked to your existing contact database using the™ CRM.

  3. Increased Routing Capacity Without Paying for Local Trunking or Phone Lines — IVR can offer additional hold and routing capacities without you having to purchase more T1s or local lines for your location. We keep them and offer them a series of automated and live response routes based on your design of the on-demand IVR system.

  4. Configurable On the Fly — Take out the hassle of having to call your office phone technician or IT department just to make a quick change on the menu. Options, voice recordings, and responses can be changed in a matter of seconds or minutes using the built-in configuration tools, and a standard 10-digit telephone line to make the recordings.

  5. Increased Productivity with Call Blending — The ACD links to outbound dialing initiatives, letting inbound agents remain productive during off-peak or ”down times“ during shifts. The ACD monitors as agents receive and disconnect from outbound calls, tracking agent availability automatically.

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