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“ is exactly what we were looking for... allowing us to dramatically increase the number of leads a single representative can effectively manage.”
Mark Pardy
Market Analyst
Dun & Bradstreet
“Each rep is making between 200 and 300 calls per day and they can leave a voicemail or email with the click of a single button.”
Don Pinansky
eBenefits Direct

Lead Generation Software™ offers the most comprehensive suite of demand generation software available. How can we make such a claim? Because in addition to the standard web and email-based solutions offered by competitors, we offer dozens of integrated phone-based telephony solutions. We were the first to bridge voice technology to the web. is the pioneer and leader in lead response management technologies; tools to respond immediately to leads generated online and offline.

Already have a hosted CRM or ERP solution? Let embed our dialers into your existing solution, we already work with, RightNow Technologies, Salesnet, and others.™ offers these demand generation solutions:

Power Dialer
The™ Power Dialer can increase your outbound lead generation dials by 10 times or more than manual dialing (customers have gone from 35 to 350 calls a day per rep.) Our power dialer actually tracks "Permissions" with one click; setting a data and time stamp next to the name of the person who just gave verbal permission to enroll them in a nurturing campaign. And you can also automatically record every call to make sure your permissions are tracked! We call it Impression Marketing™.
Lead Nurturing
ELF is the ultimate multi-media drip marketing solution. ELF stands for Electronic Labor Force and combines a dozen automated marketing solutions that span voice, email, voice broadcast, fax, direct mail, and CRM action items like tasks, events, and callbacks. All without labor cost and days off. Best of all, ELF perfectly executes your commands every time, and never forgets. Isn't it time you outsource your lead nurturing campaigns to ELF?
Lead Nurturing
Record your own personalized message, then let JabberDog automatically dial and play it to your list of contacts. Once the call is received, your contact can press '1' on the phone keypad to connect back to you, press '2' to have an e-mail template sent, or press '9' to be removed from the list. This on-demand capability let's you control the number of simultaneous calls being made. This comes with the list management tools to be especially effective with customers, members and warm prospects.
At we allow you to send a fax with the single click of a button from any fax number in our lead management or hosted CRM solution. In fact you can choose from a complete library of pre-defined faxes that are loaded and ready to go. Then receive a status in your inbox of the delivery of your fax.
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