Inside Sales is Remote Sales

Software and technology for sales professionals who sell remotely

The InsideSales™ PowerDialer is the first hosted lead management tool for inside sales teams and sales by phone. With its built in dialer and voice messaging technologies your inside sales teams can quadruple productivity. Reduce wasted time with receptionists, gatekeepers and leaving voicemail's.

"Our reps have quadrupled individual sales productivity since implementing multiple dialer solutions from"

– Seth Cohen
VP of Operations
Insurance Care Direct

What you'll get with the PowerDialer:

  • Make calls without manual entering phone numbers
  • Close more sales.
  • Measure results with timely metrics and clear analytics.
  • Leave pre-recorded voice messages so you can continue calling
  • Triple or quadruple the amount of work your sales reps can do in the same time.
  • Easy and immediate integration.

Use our tools to qualify leads and build a database of prospects who have given permission to educate and market to them. Then use our systems to take over and send that information without you having to invest labor costs.

With a name like we are constantly asked if we will run your inside sales department for you. We've learned that nobody can run your business like you can, but we can help.

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