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July 2014
Research Report: Optimizing Business Communication
How can you maximize communications in sales professionals? research will offer information that promotes improved business success.
July 2014
Research Report: Optimal Sales Incentives
What are the optimal practices of the sales club incentive? research will identify the key items to optimize performance.
November 2013
Dreamforce 2013 Lead Response Report
The ResponseAuditâ„¢ report of companies who attend Dreamforce.
June 2013
The Expanded LeadsCon Report
The executive summary of the Expanded LeadsCon Report.
June 2013
Lead Generation Methods Executive Summary
The executive summary of the Lead Generation Methods Study.
May 2013
OnDemand ResponseAudit
The executive summary of the OnDemand 2013 ResponseAudit.
May 2013
Inside Sales Market Size 2013
The executive summary of the 2013 Inside Sales Market Size study.
April 2013
AA-ISP 2013 ResponseAudit Executive Summary
The executive summary of the AA-ISP 2013 ResponseAudit.
March 2013
LeadsCon 2013 ResponseAudit Executive Summary
The executive summary of the LeadsCon 2013 ResponseAudit.
February 2013
2013 Top Sales Challenges Survey
A joint study done by and The American Association of Inside Sales Professionals, this study delves into the top challenges sales leaders and sales reps are facing for 2013.
December 2012
Cloudforce ResponseAudit Executive Summary
The executive summary of the Cloudforce ResponseAudit.
October 2012
The Distance Education 2012 ResponseAudit Executive Summary
The executive summary of the Distance Education ResponseAudit.
September 2012
The Dreamforce 2012 ResponseAudit Executive Summary
The executive summary of the Dreamforce 2012 ResponseAudit.
August 2012
The Top Problems of the Inside Sales Industry 2012
The Top Problems of the Inside Sales Industry Executive Summary.
June 2012
AA-ISP ResponseAudit Research Executive Summary
A summary of the AA-ISP ResponseAudit Research 2012.
June 2012
A Five-year Retrospective — the Original Lead Response Management Study
It's approaching five years since the original Lead Response Management Study was presented at Marketing Sherpa. Since that time it has been downloaded over 50,000 times, and mentioned in articles in the Harvard Business Review,, and CBSMoney. Yet companies continue to struggle to develop the best practices championed in the study. Get a refresher course on the data that continues to transform professional sales, and spawned the lead response management industry.
October 2011
51.4% of Dreamforce 2011 Attendees and Sponsors Don't Respond to Web Leads
Conducted in the weeks leading up to Dreamforce 2011, the latest ResponseAudit "secret shopper" results continue to shock and intrigue. Companies can reap huge benefits with simple process improvements and strategic technologies to better contact their sales leads—but few are taking advantage. Average response time for 2,114 companies audited was 42 hours.
June 2011
55.3% of Top Companies Don't Respond to Web Leads
The ResponseAudit "secret shopper" results are sobering and show that companies can reap huge benefits with simple process improvements and strategic technologies. Of those that responded the average initial response time was 40.4 hours.
March 2010
Multi-Media Response Study
This study looks at the similarities and differences between the optimal response times and methods for B2B verses B2C leads. The results give insight into how to tailor your response strategies to the particular type of leads you are responding to.
June 2009
Lead Response Management Study '09
This study talks about the optimal way to respond to leads to increase results and was presented by James Oldroyd, PHD, assistant professor at SKKU at the Sales 2.0 conference on May 21st, 2009 in Boston, Massachusetts.
May 2009
Remote Sales Trends
An in depth survey sent to 400,000 companies done in conjunction with infoUSA and Dr. James Oldroyd of SKKU. The trends uncovered offer priceless insight into the 15x higher growth trends of the inside sales industry and the stagnation of traditional outside sales.
October 2007
Lead Management Survey
This is a study focused on identifying WHEN the best time was to efficiently contact web-generated leads, and HOW to generate web leads that qualify and close at optimal rates.
October 2007
Lead Response Management Study '07 (The Original)
This is a behavioral study revealing when sales representatives are most successful in contacting web-generated leads. This study reveals contact rates for time of day, day of week, and the odds of contacting web-leads in 5 minutes versus 30 minutes.
November 2008 Dreamforce '08 Response Analysis -
How Long Does It Take Companies To Contact Web-Generated Leads?
This is a study on 124 Dreamforce '08 Sponsors who were audited in a 'secret shopper' evaluation using fictitious leads submitted on each companies website. Find out how long it took some of the biggest online companies to respond to their web-leads.
March 2008
Omniture Summit Study '08 - Even the Highest Ranked Web Companies Don't Bother Calling You After Submitting Your Web Lead
In this study, responses were tracked from 5 separate inquiries made on over 500 top Web sites. Only 7.5% of companies responded by phone, 47% responded by email, and 45.1% never responded at all to any inquiry.

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