Education Lead Management

Lead management for online educational facilities

Where internet leads, call center, and immediate response technology comes together to leverage online schools and universities. Drive more leads, capture every call, answer inbound calls faster, respond immediately, increase contact and qualification rates, and generate more sales with less cost per sale.

We help you combine people, process, and technology to enroll more students. 

"Overall sales have tripled, due primarily to the increased call attempts, immediacy of response, and streamlining of the lead management process."

-Seth Cohen,
VP of Operations,
Insurance Care Direct

ResponseInsure Benefits:

  • We tie real-time lead providers
  • Drive more leads from the same marketing effort.
  • Capture contact information from every potential buyer.
  • Answer every inbound call quickly.
  • Respond to Web leads within 5 minutes to increase contact rates by 800%.
  • Bridge your lead inquiries from passive Web channels to active voice communication with Webform callback.
  • Make decisions based on customer behavior.
  • Measure results with timely metrics and clear analytics.

Because emails don’t recruit students… people do!

"The system increased dials well over 100%."

Passive Internet technologies like email and chat definitely help the process, but phone dialer technology helps representatives get more buyers on the phone with your recruiters. 

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