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Integrated Lead Providers

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Why Should Insurance Providers use

Lead management for the insurance industry

Reason #1: We Route Your Leads Faster directly integrates with the top online Lead Providers. You get leads in real time, and track them until they close, boosting response rates and productivity, while giving you insight into what's working.

“Overall sales have tripled, due primarily to the increased call attempts, immediacy of response, and streamlining of the lead management process.”
-Seth Cohen, VP of Operations, Insurance Care Direct

Reason #2: We Help You Call Leads Faster
Lead Response Management technology by was built to respond immediately to leads—in seconds or minutes, not hours or days. This is crucial, as research by MIT and Northwestern shows that immediate response to leads increases success ratios by 10x or more.

Reason #3: We Help You Capture Your Data

“The system increased dials well over 100%.” -Don Pinansky,
The Hosted CRM by is the heart of the Insurance Suite solution and has fields pre-defined to capture the application information you need for:

  • Health
  • Life
  • Dental
  • and Disability.

Reason #4: We Help You Follow-up Consistently, Accurately, and Effortlessly
The PowerDialer helps sales representatives make 200 to 350 calls per day, and lets them leave voice messages in their own voice with the click of a button. Our Electronic Labor Force (ELF) technology automates email marketing campaigns directly into your database, helping you nurture leads and make more revenue with less cost.

Reason #5: We Help You Quote Solutions Faster
With integration directly into Norvax™, the number one provider of online marketing and sales technology for the health insurance industry, removes just one more barrier from helping you sell and market over the Web.

Reason #6: We Keep Your Costs and Hassles Low's hosted service means you only pay for what you really need—no expensive hardware or software solutions. Just jump on the Web, and log in. We handle the maintenance, security and upgrades.

Reason #7: Our Service Grows With You
New Lead Providers, more powerful dialer technologies, features, and offerings are added to constantly, helping you work to make more sales.

Start Your Free Trial is a BBB Accredited Computer Software Service in Provo, UT

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