3 Sales Acceleration Secrets From Game-Changing Companies

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 12.32.02 PMDo you want to grow your company into an industry leader and revolutionize your space?

Jim Steele, XANT’s president of worldwide sales and chief customer officer, brought together a panel of experts who have done exactly that to share their sales acceleration secrets at IS Accelerate ’15.

Joining Steele on the stage were:

  • Dan Page: VP of Sales Automation at ADP
  • Kent Perkocha: SVP Sales and Customer Success at Apttus
  • Eric Berridge: Co-Founder and CEO at Bluewolf

The four panelists represent a wealth of wisdom and experience that you can use to optimize your sales process.

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Panelists discussed three key steps for accelerating company growth and success:

  1. Partner
  2. Innovate
  3. Improve

1. Partner

Too many companies keep their doors closed for too long. One of the key ways to accelerate your growth is to partner with organizations that share your drive and offer solutions that support the solutions you provide your customers.

Panelists encouraged decision-makers to adopt technology partners early, invest in their success, and align that investment within their own company culture.

This conversation followed XANT CEO Dave Elkington’s earlier announcement that tech titans Salesforce and Microsoft are making a $60 million strategic investment in XANT.

Successful partnerships provide better integration of complementary technologies, ensuring a better customer experience.

“Everyone should be hungry to have a partner that will test things with you.” ~Dan Page, ADP

2. Innovate

The adage goes that “everyone has a sales problem, which means everyone has a sales opportunity.”  Sales drive business growth. To grow your company, you must figure out how to increase your ability to meet customers’ needs.

To achieve the highest levels of success, companies need to anticipate their customers’ needs and innovate on new, faster ways to meet them.  ADP, Bluewolf and Apttus have all found success in being early adopters of technology.

“The greatest leaders of companies are emerging right now; technology is what will accelerate their success.”  ~Eric Berridge, Bluewolf

3. Improve

Innovative technology partnerships cannot fully optimize your business for top-line growth if complete alignment with the technology is not achieved across all departments in your organization.  The alignment and effectiveness of your technology implementation must be actionable and measurable.

As Dan Page explained to Steele, “It is easy to run from a new product when there is no way in place to measure it. If you can align the new solution on the metrics of measurement, then people are more likely to adopt the technology and trumpet its success. Like they say, success has a thousand fathers, but failure is an orphan.”

Solutions that are based on science and provide metrics for evaluation accelerate the buying process. If the buying process is too lengthy, it hurts your business and it hurts the customer experience.

“Speed and automation are huge for every client that we talk to. They want to reduce the buying process as much as possible.” ~Kent Perkocha, Apttus

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