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One Thing New Hires Can Do that Others Can’t - Forbes.comWhen we are new to an environment, how often do we notice things that are so plainly obvious, then over time become blind to them? They become incorporated into our daily lives and we forget they are there. That’s the great thing about hiring fresh eyes – they can see the things we no longer can.

In Ken Krogue’s newest contribution, Ken shares his experience as a newly hired Director of Marketing where he noticed an “unsightly orange extension cord in the entryway foyer.” When he would point out the trip-hazard to several of his new co-workers they didn’t even remember it was there. It had become so common-place that they had subconsciously ignored it. Eventually, six weeks into his new job, Ken didn’t notice it either.

The point? Make sure you actively listen to the fresh perspective of new hires and take their feedback to make your organization better than it was before they came onboard. New hires: write down the “orange extension cords” that you see around the office and make sure they are addressed and improved.

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1 Thing New Hires Can Do that Others Can’t

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