Top Sales Experts Weigh In on Delivering Value Through Social Selling

Social Selling ValueSocial selling is still establishing itself as a field. As a result, many sales professionals struggle to understand how it fits in the sales process and how best to maximize its efficiency.

To provide some clarity, Sales Hacker invited the top social selling experts to Sales Stack 2015. Participating on the panel were Ken Krogue, XANT founder and president, Koka Sexton and Jill Rowley.

Krogue emphasized how social selling will require sales and marketing teams to work together.

“I can’t believe sales leadership doesn’t just camp out next to marketing and coordinate everything they do because that’s the single biggest hand that feeds them,” he said. “We need more of that.”

You can watch the entire video below and visit Sales Hacker for a summary of the panel discussion.

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Image credit: Sales Hacker

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