Web Form Callback

Immediate response dialer increases contact and qualification rates

Our patent-pending immediate response technology can capture leads, route them to the best sales rep, and trigger a callback to the lead respondent in seconds. Recent studies demonstrate dramatic increases in lead contact and qualification ratios as a result of this technology. And immediate response capability is built right in to our PowerDialer.

The Web Form Callback technology is code that we allow our customers to place on their website capture leads and import them real-time into our database. We look up right salesrep, call the rep, call the lead, and conference them on a phone call in mere seconds. The rep answers then hears the phone dial the lead who filled out the form just seconds before.

The hosted Web Form Callback dialer actually makes two phone calls: first it calls you, then dials the defined phone number within the lead and bridges the calls together. It allows the call to be routed to a group logged into an ACD or even an individual salesperson.


  1. Dramatically Increased ContactRatios - The most obvious benefit is the increase in sales and qualified leads that can be generated by calling leads back in seconds or minutes, rather than hours or days like most companies. Think about it, the moment they type in their lead, you know where they are: right by their computer and phone. What better time to call than now?

  2. Significantly Increased Lead Qualification - By talking to a lead at the high point of their interest or need, you catch them while they are still thinking of you. What better time to qualify them and progress them into the sales process?

  3. Increased Perception of Competency by Your Lead - How does a Lead respond when you call them back in a few seconds? They say, "Wow! That's impressive." And they immediately assume that your promptness is a sign of things to come and are more confident in going with your firm versus a competitor.

  4. Reporting Visibility - By using the Web Form Callback functionality you activate all of the telephone reporting tools in the system to track effort, ratios and results. You open up the ability to find out just how important it is for your salespeople to respond quickly to leads.

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