Why Being an Inside Sales Professional is a Great Career Choice (Part 1)

You just graduated and the moment of truth has come. You need to find a job. Not only any job, but one with benefits, good pay, advancement – in other words, one you can build a real and lasting career on.

Looking at a career in any field takes time. It’s important to think over and decide on the best option for you.

Inside sales is no different, but we’re hoping this blog will help in the decision making process and swing you our way of why being in inside sales is one of the best careers for young professionals.

Here are the top five reasons to consider being an inside sales professional:

1. Being able to earn good money and then go home is something that’s not true for people who go on the road for three of four days at a time. One of the reasons that people are attracted to inside sales is the fact that they don’t have to spend the bulk of their time on the road away from their family and friends. Inside sales professionals don’t have to miss out on the activities that make up and enrich their lives. Inside sales is one of the lowest cost, highest return on investment ways to sell. The outside sales rep as we’ve defined it is nearing extinction.

2. Inside sales is putting outside sales to shame. It’s as simple as that. Inside sales can achieve comparable or even higher quotas at a much lower cost of sale than outside sales. Inside sales has grown tremendously in the last few years and is taking over the market. Inside sales reps are also able to outperform outside sales all the while living a normal life style. Because they are able to live and work in the same area it also leads to the next point.

3. Helping the environment is another reason to consider either switching over to a career in inside sales or enter the industry fresh out school. Working in inside sales reduces the carbon foot print people leave. It also reduces the negative impact on the environment by taking people out of airplanes and cars.

4. Outside sales is becoming irrelevant as the old school regime is being paid $300,000 when their inside sales counterparts are making $80,000 and hitting the same quota. Companies are switching over to inside sales as they catch on to where the money is.

5. People skills are still needed in inside sales – it’s still about having that personal touch when you go through the sales process. You can have all the technology, information and knowledge in the world to help people connect quicker but at the end of the day selling still relies on a person talking to another person. Inside sales professionals still are people that build relationships and to keep their word.

Inside sales is a great industry to work in, especially if you have the drive, talent, people skills and persistence to advance your career and make a great living.

What are some of the reasons that you switch over to inside sales? Let us know in the comment box, below.

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