How to use video to boost your sales pipeline

Video is the new kid on the block when it comes to sales communication methods, with more sales reps recognizing its potential to increase contact rates.

An outstanding majority of sales reps will use the traditional channels of communication to reach their customers: phone calls, email, and voicemail. One powerful method of communication that is gaining significant traction among sales reps is video, as it has the power to increase contact and conversion rates. and Vidyard’s latest report shows you how to create the perfect sales video, and why using video can triple your contact rates.

What Will You Learn in This eBook?

Recent data from the “State of Sales Development” study shows that video is one of the technologies that will have the most growth in 2019, compared to 2018 (alongside gamification and coaching technologies).

Without a video, sales reps are limited to just sending out a simple email. And office workers receive about 120 emails per day — weak chance of ever converting.

Most sales reps can get better results if they create the video themselves. This is because a video of yourself always leaves you a bit vulnerable, and gives a video authenticity.


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