Call Center Coaching

As a leader in sales and lead management research, is uniquely equipped to provide coaching for new or existing remote sales teams that gets results. Our fusion of experience, data-driven methods, and powerful technologies gives a proven track record of providing companies with breakthrough productivity. Get more contacts, eliminate common time wasters, and get a better end-to-end analysis of every aspect of your remote sales team.

We help outbound sales teams:

  • Analyze collaborates with your management team as a “surrogate sales manager” to map out and test the best approach for your marketing objectives.
  • Design builds out your lead generation teams and sales campaigns, and mentors your sales manager to break through the barriers in traditional call center sales.
  • Implement
    After the new campaign and lead generation teams get off the ground, integrates best practices with the most effective automation and power dialing software tools. Even if your team is starting with “the bare metal” we will get your team dialing and setting sales appointments.
  • Evaluate
    By continued mentoring, training, and optimization, your consultant will drive the bar higher for your team and help sales managers become more productive and self-sufficient.