Professional Development Program

- Product Specialist

Why delivers the world’s most powerful sales software built on AI. Machine learning models trained on rich data produce insights that drive exponential revenue growth for some of the most recognizable global brands. A tech unicorn, the company has raised over $300M in VC funding, including another recent investment from Microsoft. We have also earned a spot on the Forbes Cloud 100 List.


What is the Professional Development Program (PDP)?


PDP is a rotational program designed for top performers (3.5+ GPA) seeking a career in technology. For your first 9 months, you will work with our product and customers to help them transform their business with our platform. During this time, you will become an expert of our product, which will prepare you for future roles within the organization. Upon completion of the program, you will be placed into a part of the business that best fits your interests and skillset.


Who qualifies for the program?


We are looking for the best and brightest candidates from all degree backgrounds to apply. We encourage anyone who is driven, curious, eager, and hungry to make a difference in their career and the company they work at, to apply. The program is for those looking for an accelerated experience that will grant them experience across different parts of a tech organization.

How do I apply?

Schools represented in the Professional Development Program:


What is a "day-in-the-life" of the program?

  • For the first 9 months, you will become an expert in our product through working directly with customers in our product support organization.
  • Development milestones exist to allow you to deepen your understanding of the product and earn pay bonuses along the way.
  • Occasional executive firesides with the executive team which provide mentorship and learning opportunities.
  • PDP cohort group offsite activities to build relationships with each other and company leadership.
  • Opportunities to own a strategic project that allow you to work closely with leadership at

Where would I be placed upon completion of the Program?

After your initial 9 months of learning the product, networking within the organization, and gaining footing within the company, you and a mentor will work together to place you into a role where your interests and skills align. Those roles include: Customer Success, Solution Architect, Marketing, Data/Operations, Business Development, or Strategy.

What is so special about’s Professional Development Program?

  • New PDP employees boast a median GPA of 3.8, average ACT of 32, and average GMAT of 705.
  • The program is managed by our Momentum Strategy Team (consulting team with Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, etc. undergrad and MBAs). Each PDP team member will be assigned a mentor from the Momentum Team.

Spencer Vail

Manager, Customer Success
Current PDP for 5 mos.

The primary reason I was attracted to the PDP at was the accelerated career path I knew it would put me on. Almost one year into the PDP now and the accelerated learning and growth has already proven to be even more intense and fulfilling than I had imagined. The opportunity to see multiple segments of the business while working with senior level management and leadership has put me on a career trajectory that I can’t imagine happening at any other tech company.

Madeleine Dame

Information Systems
Current PDP for 5 mos.

The Professional Development Program was the perfect fit for me coming right out of school. I knew I wanted to be in the tech industry, but I didn’t know in what way. The PDP has provided me with more opportunities to grow my personal brand and expand and sharpen my skill set than I believe any other program or company would provide. It’s been an awesome way to learn, grow, and make an immediate impact at an exciting and energetic company!

Nathan Chelson

Solution Architect
Graduated PDP for 5mos.

I love the PDP because it gives me opportunities to work with customers from all industries and places. I have been able to use my skills to make a difference for multiple customers, and have felt a great sense of community within the organization. Because of the incredible proximity to leadership, I have been given opportunities and gained recognitions that are not usually granted to recent graduates.