Free eBook: The Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence

Every sales representative executes a ‘cadence’ when they reach out via email, phone, or using social media to initiate a conversation with a potential prospect. The art of a cadence is determined based on a myriad of factors, but it’s fueled primarily by sales reps’ intuition.

Going with just your gut when figuring out how to contact prospects is not a great way to do sales. has analyzed the sales cadence of 1,000 companies and now we have the hard data on what works and what doesn’t.

Download the “Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence” to learn:

  • How many times you should attempt contact with prospects
  • How long you need to wait between attempts
  • What methods and messaging are most likely to result in a sale
  • A bullet-proof strategy to create a sales cadence that works for your company

This eBook includes free sales cadence templates to make your outreach cadence successful, and a way to score your cadence to see how you’re doing compared to other sales professionals.

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