Implementation Services by

“One of my great experiences was being able to deploy the application within a week. The tool is really easy to use and the team is marvelous. Thank you”

—Ramon Del Salto, DataCore

The implementation process provides a launch pad for new customers to get a successful start using and optimizing the software. The implementation packages match the workflow complexity of new customers and provide the knowledge and resources they need to become effective administrators and end users. The end result will be a reflection of years of experience and best practices.

  • Business Process Review consultants meet with new customers to understand their business process, determine how they gauge success, and map out a timetable for customizing the software and conducting training sessions specific to the customer’s needs.

  • Custom System Configuration

    The implementation team translates the customer’s workflow directly into the software. System customization can include integrating directly with lead providers, creating custom fields and layouts, and adding custom lead statuses.

  • Product Training

    Training helps new customers become familiar with the terminology and concepts of the software through interactive media and live training sessions.

  • Smooth Transition to Support

    Upon completion of the implementation process, customers gain full access to Customer Support. The implementation team makes every effort to provide a smooth transition to the support team and to a long-term relationship with