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InsideSales.com LogoThe Sales Insider provides readers with information and insight into the evolving world of remote sales. Covering topics from lead management and technology, to organizational management and sales best practices, we hope to provide like-minded sales and marketing professionals with relevant, innovative ideas and trends about the growing industries of Inside Sales and lead response.

Contributors include sales and marketing industry veterans Dave Elkington and Ken Krogue, CEO and President, respectively, of InsideSales.com, creators of the innovative sales software that combines sales and marketing best practices with telephony, demand generation, and lead response management.

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One thought on “About The Contributors

  1. Last week I watched a web cast that Ken did in combination with clearslide. I’ve been asking for a link to the recorded presentation as I’d like to share that with my Marketing Managers. If you want to sell inside Esker we need to have Marketing buy in also.

    So far i’ve not gotten a reply, or the link to the webcast. Ken did connect with me after the webcast and I posted some positive comments on linked in.

    Dan Reeve – Director Sales – Esker 608 828 6135

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