100 Billion Sales Interactions through InsideSales.com's Predictive CloudAt Accelerate 16, InsideSales.com CEO Dave Elkington announced a significant sales data milestone.

The company’s Predictive Cloud, the industry’s first-of-its-kind open platform that enables businesses of all sizes to build rich, powerful predictive apps, has surpassed 100 billion sales interactions. It is now the industry’s largest predictive-driven cloud and is powered by the company’s proprietary self-learning engine, Neuralytics.

Two Predictive Cloud ISV partners showcased updates to their projects that leverage the Predictive Cloud at Accelerate 16, the annual InsideSales customer conference, in Park City, Utah, on May 17-19.

MapAnything demonstrated the integration of their mapping solutions with the Predictive Cloud to add predictive insights to territory visualizations.

CloudCraze showed how they are leveraging the Predictive Cloud to help their customers create dynamic customer segments and product recommendations.

In today’s competitive landscape, companies must use data + science to continuously improve performance and results.

Learn more about the Predictive Cloud here.