Artificial Intelligence is an industry which is growing permanently, and there has been significant investment in the space in the last years. The market value of AI is expected to reach $38bn in 2025. InsideSales.com had the honor of being included in the top 100 AI startups by market research firm CBInsights. Here’s a list of the top five sales and marketing companies that use Artificial Intelligence to power up businesses.

Invoca logo - call tracking and analytics software

Invoca – Call Tracking and Analytics

Invoca provides software for sales and marketers looking for call tracking and analytics. With Invoca, you can drive, track and automate inbound calls. The solution is built for higher quality leads, greater marketing insights, and increasing pipeline.

Their Artificial Intelligence system, Signal AI, uses machine learning algorithms to analyze live phone conversations to understand caller intent and outcomes.


“It’s a great achievement that our leadership and innovation in AI has been recognized by CB Insights,” said Gregg Johnson, CEO at Invoca. “Looking ahead to 2018, we believe AI will be core to helping our customers drive more revenue from phone conversations,” added Gregg.


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InsideSales.com – AI-powered Sales Acceleration

InsideSales.com uses data and science to unlock the full potential of sales teams. The sales acceleration platform is powered by Neuralytics, a powerful AI engine which feeds off of trillions of data points on B2B transactions.

The wealth of cross-company data allows Neuralytics to make accurate predictions that help sales reps prioritize the most effective sales activities. The platform can increase business revenue by up to 30 percent in as little as 90 days.

“We’re incredibly excited to be recognized by CBInsights in the innovative field of Artificial Intelligence. There are very few companies in the B2B space that have actually mastered AI technology, and that have the data behind it to really harness the power of predictive analytics, and we’re honored to be among them,” said CEO of InsideSales.com, Dave Elkington.

“AI can unlock human potential and produce real, tangible business results. It can help marketers and salespeople make better decisions and significantly increase bottom line metrics for businesses. AI is and always will be about people, and what it can do for them,” added Elkington.

conversica logo - automated sales assistant software

Conversica – Automated Sales Assistant

Conversica automates and improves routine business conversations using virtual assistants powered by artificial intelligence. The company’s flagship AI Sales Assistant engages every lead in a human conversation to qualify more of them for the sales team, freeing humans to spend more time closing business.

“This recognition is the icing on the cake of what has been a truly amazing year,” said Alex Terry, CEO of Conversica. “As the only provider of AI-driven lead engagement software for marketing and sales organizations, we’re productizing and commercializing Artificial Intelligence in a way that others can only talk about. Our offering is used by more than 1,000 companies worldwide, and we’re seeing accelerated growth year over year. We’re very excited about applying conversational AI to solve important business problems, and it’s wonderful to see that others are excited about it, too,” added Alex Terry.


Gong.io – Conversation Intelligence

Gong’s conversation intelligence platform records, transcribes, and analyzes all of your sales calls so you can drive sales effectiveness at scale, figure out what’s working and what’s not, and ramp new hires faster by helping them replicate your top performers.

“Conversation Intelligence, powered by AI is the greatest transformation in sales since CRM, and Gong is leading the way” said Amit Bendov, Gong.io CEO and Co-Founder. “We are honored to be recognized through CB Insights AI 100 and excited to continue our revolution in B2B SaaS technology.”


Amplero Logo

Amplero – Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Platform

Amplero is an Artificial Intelligence Marketing (AIM) Platform that leverages machine learning and multi-armed bandit experimentation to enable marketers to achieve better results.

“We believe Amplero’s recognition in Constellation’s Marketing Analytics Solutions Report validates the impact Artificial Intelligence marketing is having in finally fulfilling the promise of prescriptive analytics for global brands,” said Olly Downs, PhD, CEO of Amplero.

“It’s no longer enough to simply gain deep-dive behavioral insights about your customer. Through the Amplero AIM Platform, marketers are not only provided machine learning-driven insights at a scale not humanly possible, but intelligent action is taken for them to automatically exploit the positive impacts identified across thousands of recursive tests, resulting in significant lift in core business KPIs like topline revenue, customer engagement, and retention,” added Olly.

Artificial Intelligence has been traditionally slow to  slow in penetrating the B2B space, due to lack of sufficient accurate data for analysis. However, due to crowdsourcing initiatives and data anonymization techniques, data scientists have been able to fill this gap and fully implement AI to help humans make better, faster decisions.

What Can AI Do For My Business?

The sales industry is constantly changing, and sales leaders are permanently in search of innovative solutions that have the potential to take their business to the next level. Artificial Intelligence applied to the sales industry can produce incredible results, when followed with a full comprehensive digital sales transformation.

Try a NeuralScan from Insidesales.com to see what AI can do for your business revenue growth strategy.

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