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Author: Aaron Janmohamed

No More Sci-Fi Talk: 5 Things AI Can Do For Your Business Right Now

Artificial Intelligence is a concept that seems to drop right out of Science Fiction films. Everywhere we look, we see frightening predictions that it may accidentally destroy humanity, or develop into a singularity and try to take over the world. I’m here to tell you AI is already influencing our lives, and it’s here to stay. It’s time we de-mystify this concept and learn how it can be applied to the business world for real results. Artificial Intelligence is already part of some very smart systems which are powering our day-to-day lives. The systems are powered by machine learning...

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InsideSales.com Delivers Vision of “Predictive for All”

InsideSales.com announced new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning benefits in its latest versions of Predictive PowerDialer and Predictive Playbooks. The predictive features for the sales acceleration solutions shorten and simplify the sales cycle while increasing revenue growth. “Our vision is clear—accelerate each step of the sales process to give our customers actionable predictive insights through the power of real AI and machine learning,” said Dave Elkington, CEO and founder, InsideSales.com. “We use billions of pieces of cross-company data. We can predict the best telephone number to dial, the best email to use, and the best day/time to contact...

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PlayBooks Update: Scheduling Appointments With Prospects

Everyone wants to set an appointment with the perfect prospect. With the AI-powered sales boosting Playbooks software, you can organize and remember these appointments. Appointments set through Playbooks are saved to your calendar to ensure you never miss an appointment again. Using Schedule Appointment in Playbooks It’s easier than ever to schedule an appointment with your prospect, so here’s a few steps you need to take in Playbooks to set up a meeting: Click the “Schedule Appointment” button at the bottom of the record and then enter a date and time for your appointment. Select a follow-up Play; the prospect will be put into this...

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