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4 Informative Sales Podcasts for Inside Sales Professionals

Traditionally, podcasts have been used primarily as news, entertainment, and social commentary. But, recently some key players in the sales industry have taken the time to transform their content into valuable podcasts for sales. Why is this helpful? Sales training can be extremely expensive. While nothing truly replaces a one-on-one, personalized training program, podcast are […]

Recession, Social Media, Technology Forever Changed Sales, Say Local Experts

InsideSales.com President Ken Krogue joined a panel of sales experts yesterday at the Great Salt Lake Business Expo in Sandy to discuss “Sales Superstars.” Tyler Dabo, publisher of Utah Business magazine moderated the discussion that also included representatives from salesforce.com, Snapp Conner PR, Griffin Hill, Coldwell Banker Commercial and Kisstixx. Here are some of the […]

How to Personalize the Buyer Experience with Sales and Marketing

The three biggest names in marketing, inside sales, and sales intelligence are combining for what they hope to be the world’s largest B2B webinar event. On Thursday, April 25 at Noon Pacific / 3:00 p.m. Eastern, Ralf VonSosen, Head of Marketing for LinkedIn Sales Solution, Ken Krogue, President and co-founder of InsideSales.com, and Mark Roberge, […]

New eBook: Sales Motivation and the Importance of Workplace Gamification

Sales reps are competitive by nature – it’s in their blood. The key is understanding how to channel that competitive spirit and help it contribute to the bottom line. That’s the beauty of gamification. It’s the process of motivating employees by turning work into a game. Charles (Chuck) Coonradt, founder of The Game of Work, […]

[Live Webinar] Data-Driven Sales Prospecting

Within the last few years, there has been a shift in the way sales people are conducting sales. Not only is the majority of sales done remotely over the phone (the inside sales model), but the way lead research and data append is performed has become the new frontier of sales. To further educate the […]

5 Common Inside Sales Mistakes to Ensure Missed Quota

While rewarding, sales reps are often put into high pressure situations to meet quota. However, if given the right training, the constant pressure that a sales rep feels can be dramatically lessened. From a recent discussion our marketing and sales teams participated in, the following ideas (among many others) were brought up in how to […]

Attract the Ultimate Sales Executive to Run and Build Your Inside Sales Team

If you’re like most companies in the sales industry, your sales team is expanding and expanding fast. Chances are your sales department is moving towards a more inside sales model. Whether you’re looking for a new executive to manage your inside sales team, or just looking to bring your current sales manager up to speed […]

InsideSales.com and HubSpot: Lead Nurturing and the Half-life of Leads

If you’re in the lead generation or sales space, you know how important lead nurturing can be. It’s how you build your business and create educated, more-likely to buy buyers. One of the biggest misconceptions out in the industry is that a lead nurturing technology alone is going to solve all your problems. That’s only […]

Targeted Lead Generation and the Inside Sales and Marketing Handoff

As a marketing professional, my role at InsideSales.com is to generate targeted and nurtured leads to deliver them to the sales team. This handoff is absolutely essential for the success of a company. Recently, Ken Krogue completed an eBook with Jon Miller of Marketo. In the eBook, “The Ultimate Revenue Engine,” Ken said, “In order […]

Inside Sales – The Changing Nature of Lead Generation and the Buyer

“Where do customers come from?” That’s the question that Mark Roberge of HubSpot wanted to find out, specifically after the age of the internet. “[HubSpot’s co-founders and I] were looking at the change the internet had on how people buy and show,” Mark said in a new eBook. “We noticed that the internet gave a […]

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