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Author: Chris Jorgensen

How to Improve Your Sales Performance With Systems Thinking

Systems thinking at InsideSales.com is a process of understanding how systems behave, interact with their environments, and influence each other. A system is composed of parts generally identified as people, processes and technologies. Systems receive inputs and transform them into outputs for other systems in the larger environment. A system must contain all of the resources for transforming inputs into outputs. For example, a bicycle is not a system until a cyclist puts it in motion. The goal of a system is to optimize the transformation from input to output. This is accomplished through continuous testing and improvement. Step...

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How to Succeed in Business (by Really Trying Hard) – 5 Simple Rules

One thing has been missing from our certification training. It is a simple and direct conversation on how to succeed at InsideSales.com. In the training curriculum, we teach the evolution of the inside sales industry and sales management software. We demonstrate how dialers work and how to use our CRM and PowerDialer to maximize contact ratios. Participants earn both the CISA-I (Certified InsideSales.com System Administrator) and CISA-I SF (Salesforce version of the system administrator certification). Now that it’s time for our fourth two-week new employee on-boarding event, I plan to correct for the group starting next week, but for everyone else, here it is. Five Simple Rules for Success 1.    Show up on time. Being habitually on time communicates respect for yourself and others, broadcasts reliability, and reduces unnecessary stress. There will always be reasons for being late to some meeting or other, but the discipline of punctuality is essential for success. 2.    Pay attention. Always attend to the most important things at critical moments. Our busy workplace is full of noisy and interesting distractions. Successful people notice the distractions; even enjoy them during an occasional moment. But success depends on ignoring the noise when the moment requires focused attention on a customer, a configuration detail, or a critical system. 3.    Follow Instructions. Work diligently to understand, meet, and exceed expectations. This goes far beyond simply doing what you are...

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Disney Institute Offers Perspectives all Inside Sales Managers Can Use

Many of these principles can be applied by management of an inside sales team. The best practices of leadership excellence, people management, and quality service are universal regardless of the industry. I recently attended three sessions at the Disney Institute in Anaheim, CA. While the basic information concerning Leadership Excellence, People Management, and Quality Service was not new, the Disney perspective and implementation of best practices was impressive and inspiring. I’ll share some insights I gained. Leadership Excellence The primary job of a leader is to influence change, but not all leaders are in leadership positions. For Disney, all Cast Members (the Disney term for all employees) are leaders and are empowered to suggest and implement change. This is challenging but Disney manages the riskby being very clear and direct in communicating its core values and quality standards.By pushing leadership expectations to all levels of the organization, Disney gathers the best information and innovations fromits Cast Members who work directly with guests. You can never guess the source of your next great idea. People Management In a recent HBR IdeaCast (a podcast that I recommend), it was suggested that rather than finding people for our jobs we should consider creating jobs for the people we want in our organizations. Disney has engineered its jobs to attract only those applicants with a propensity for success. In a pre-interview presentation (Disney-style...

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