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Author: Dave Boyce

Using AI For Sales? Forget The Hype

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the new buzzword du jour. It seems everyone has “AI” software or services that will help you accomplish your objectives. But you run a sales team. And you have to deliver results this quarter and the next quarter and the one after that — you don’t have time for marketing hype. Here’s a way to think about how to build AI into your approach simply and easily, without risk. For sales leaders, Artificial Intelligence can be an abstract concept that doesn’t really mean anything unless it produces tangible business results. AI, like any other technology, is...

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The Future of Sales Technology Belongs to Crowdsourced Data + AI

The future of Sales Technology belongs to crowdsourced data and Artificial Intelligence (AI). Who is using crowdsourced data and AI today?  Amazon, Netflix, Google and Apple are, to name a few. These companies have been collecting data for years on individual behavior patterns, analyzing it, and recommending next-best-actions based on patterns and predictions derived from the superset of data. Insurance companies and loan underwriters have been using crowdsourced data for decades to calculate the risk of future occurrences and price it into their products. Security agencies do the same when analyzing communications network patterns to predict terrorist activity. Why AI...

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How to Solve the Sales Lead Cherry-Picking Problem

Want to get something done? Make it a No. 1 priority. It seems that priorities 4 and 5 could be addressed “between the cracks.” But we all know that never happens. Talking about it won’t make it happen, more encouragement won’t make it happen. Priorities 4 and 5 will not happen. Stop fooling yourself. Clayton Christensen’s “Disruptive Innovation” asserts that large companies cannot innovate because innovation requires working on something small and new versus their core business, which is established and profitable. Now apply the same logic to your sales team. What do reps hate to do? Research Prospect Follow...

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Why You Should Bet Your Career on InsideSales.com

Previously, I have written about the merits of betting your career on a hyper-growth company. For a smart, ambitious, curious, energetic go-getter, this is the only interesting career foundation in today’s economy. That’s why Utah is becoming such a talent magnet with its impressive assortment of hyper-growth companies. By the way, I’m not alone in my fascination with the current Utah phenomenon. Here’s more on that topic from The New Yorker, Forbes, Inc. and USA Today. But why should you choose InsideSales.com specifically? Your career is not your job — two very different things. If you’re trying to optimize your “job,” you...

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Why Ivy Leaguers Should Build Their Careers Like VCs

An Open Letter to My East Coast Friends, You are smart — really smart, curious, and ambitious. You are attracted to hard work, not scared of it. You worked hard not only to get into an Ivy League school, but to crush it while you were there. Now what? Wall Street firms want to lure you into their hedge funds and use your analytical skills to help bald guys in Greenwich make more money. Strategy consulting sounds sexy, but you have friends who did that, and something happens to them … they ended up being less human, and it’s...

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