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Why Marco Rubio’s Bromance With Welders Should Terrify You

Why Marco Rubio’s Bromance With Welders Should Terrify You

Republican presidential candidate Marco Rubio’s political posturing on the relative value of philosophers and welders to our society is actually pretty silly. During a presidential debate, he remarked, “Welders make more money than philosophers. We need more welders and less philosophers.” Really, Rubio? For starters, his judgment is based on bad data. Politifact dug into […]

What Separates Elite B2B Companies From the Great Pretenders

What Separates Elite B2B Companies From the Great Pretenders

In business, your culture defines you. It determines whether you live or die. But here’s the crazy thing about culture: what works wonders in B2C (business-to-consumer) doesn’t necessarily translate into runaway success in B2B (business-to-business). At least not in the beginning. When you’re building a B2B company, you must create — and aggressively nurture — […]

Behind the Scenes of a High-Growth SaaS Company

At our last board meeting, Josh James, my friend and mentor, brought up his famous “magic number,” which he uses to determine the opportunity strength of a SaaS company. Josh suggested that according to the InsideSales.com magic number, we were in a great position to accelerate growth by investing aggressively in sales and marketing. But […]

What CEOs Want in a VP of Sales

Hiring a vice president of sales is one of the most important decisions a CEO ever makes. A wise choice puts the company in position for the kind of explosive growth we have experienced at InsideSales.com. The wrong person may create a cancerous culture that consistently underperforms. We have been fortunate to have a world-class […]

The Most Important Interview Question Never Asked

Interviewing people for a job is a difficult task.  There are dozens of different styles and approaches to performing interviews.  Some interviewers ask ‘skill’ questions; others ask ‘problems solving’ riddles.  Still, others look into background and weaknesses.  I don’t think that there is a correct or incorrect method; an interview style is a reflection of the interviewer, and […]

How SaaS Metrics can help you Drive Explosive Growth like Salesforce.com

Free Cheat Sheet: 12 High Velocity Metrics Get Cheat Sheet Now Software as a Service (SaaS) is a relatively new but thriving industry.  This industry has been led by companies such as Salesforce.com, SuccessFactors and RightNow Technologies (the latter two recently acquired by SAP and Oracle, respectively).  Much of their success can be attributed to the unique business model […]

6 Key Questions to Identify if Inside Sales is the Best Model for You

Because of our position within the industry, we naturally see hundreds of both successful and unsuccessful inside sales organizations.  As a result, I regularly receive requests to talk with and consult both new and existing companies on how to structure a new inside sales organization.  However, this is not the correct first question.  Instead, you should first ask: “Is inside sales the best […]

How do you Quantify a Lead to Expand your Sales Pipeline and Increase Sales Velocity: Stretching the Sales Funnel

Companies are spending huge amounts of marketing budget on new and innovative tools, techniques, and systems to generate interest in the form of web leads.  Ironically, those same companies are using antiquated techniques to qualify those leads, wasting much of the marketing investment put into those efforts.  At InsideSales.com, our technology is designed to automate […]

Forbes Article: When It Comes to Inbound Marketing – Time is Definitely of the Essence

A new article featuring InsideSales.com landmark research highlights the importance of responding quickly to hot Inbound Marketing leads Visit Forbes to view the entire article In Summary … Companies like Hubspot are leading the way with Inbound Marketing and the sales industry is catching the vision of how to integrate with the new high velocity […]

ResponseAudit Research – AA-ISP 2012

Since 2007, we at InsideSales.com have published research on the best practices around how and when to respond to marketing-generated leads.  In October 2007, we presented early findings at both the Boston and San Francisco Marketing Sherpa B2B Demand Generation Summits.  Since then, we have published our landmark Harvard Business Review article, “The Short Life on Online […]

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