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Author: Gabe Larsen

Increase Sales by Targeting the Right Accounts w/Matt Amundson @EverString

We all want to get more sales but that is hard to do if you’re not targeting the right accounts, in the right way, and the right time. Matt Amundson, VP of marketing and sales development at EverString knows a few things about account targeting and on this episode Matt dives into the need to find your optimal customer profile and explains the importance of prioritizing your best accounts as part of your sales strategy. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Sales Development Summit State of Sales Report InsideSales Labs Best Practice Training In This Episode You’ll Learn:...

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Why Sales Reps Spend So Little Time Selling

In January, I talked about the Time Management study we did that shows how little of salespeople’s time is spent in actual selling. In an article written in collaboration with Ken Krogue, president of InsideSales.com, and published by Forbes magazine, I got to examine this study a little bit further. Here is the bottom line: Sales reps are only spending one-third of their time selling. That just can’t happen. Sales leaders only survive 18 months in their roles and only 53% of reps hit quota. This stat is concerning. Sales Reps Spend Only 35% of Time Selling As you may...

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The Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence: How Companies Can Build 3x Pipeline in Under 30 Days

We all talk about sales cadence but that doesn’t mean we know what it is. We’ve talked about sales cadence on this show before but this is different. We recently completed additional research on sales cadence where we analyzed 1.5 million activities across nearly 500,000 different cadences – all focused on outbound selling. In this episode we dive into the research and discuss what companies need to be thinking about to be successful in building pipeline and winning with their sales cadences. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: The Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence Sales Cadence Webinar In...

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How Good Is Your Sales Cadence? Take the Test!

How do you start in trying to reach a prospect? Should you call, should you email or leave a voicemail? How many times, and what time of the day? Every sales representative executes a ‘cadence’ when they reach out via email, phone, or using social media to initiate a conversation with a potential prospect. And without knowing what best practices are, sales reps are at risk of failing the sales cadence test. Place one call too many, and you tick off your lead. Give up too soon on someone, and you will turn up short on quota. There is...

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What is Leadership & How to Become a Great Leader w/Dionne Mischler @Inside Sales by Design

We can talk about leadership all we want, but it’s not easy. Great leaders are born and some are developed over time. If you think you can’t be a great leader, you’re lying to yourself. Anybody can be a great leader, but it takes work like everything else. In this episode, Dionne Mischler from InsideSales by Design tells us some of the secrets to being a great leader and provides some real advice on how leaders are developed. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Time Management Article In This Episode You’ll Learn: How great leaders leads Are leaders...

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