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Author: Gabe Larsen

How Chat is Disrupting the Sales Process w/Jonny Everett @The Chat Shop

People always find different ways to communicate to get what they want. Using the phone might be preferred for some while others prefer email and others texting messaging. Chat has become a mainstream method used between companies and their prospects and clients. Although chat has not found it’s way into the mainstream sales process, it has become an often used and often preferred method for prospects to communicate with companies. Chat allows prospects to not have to pick up the phone and have a long drawn out conversation but it allows the instant gratification of potentially getting answers quick....

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How Much Money Did U.S. Sales Teams Lose by Staring at the Sun?

The solar eclipse happened and it was a good thing. A lot of people across the globe gathered and enjoyed the celestial event. I for one was dragged to Idaho to watch the actual event close to the area of totality, where apparently you could get the best view possible. It was fun and the family and I enjoyed the whole experience. Now, leading up to the event there were a handful of publications who tried to estimate how much productivity would be lost due to the event. Being data-driven junkies like we are, we decided to look at...

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How Sales Reps Should Start Using Texts in Their Sales Process w/Mike Vandenbos @Zipwhip

Texting is here to stay. Busy decision makers are using texting to respond to people in and out of the work place and sales reps are starting to see the benefits of getting mobile numbers. How will this continue to play out? In this episode, Mike Vandenbos, Entrepreneur in Residence at Zipwhip, talks about the state of sales and discusses where texting is being best utilized. In addition, Mike points out some of the rules and regulations regarding texting and advises on how people should start thinking about brining texting into their day-to-day sales activities. In This Episode You’ll...

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Your Sales Cadence Sucks and I Can Prove It

Sales cadence is the MOTHER of all buzzwords. ‘Cadence this’ and ‘cadence that’ but I’m feeling like nobody even knows what a cadence is. Well, I’ve got a definition for you: Cadence is a sequence of activities to improve contact and qualification rates. Most sales reps have a cadence. It’s something they make up, and try, and if it doesn’t work they move on to the next thing. There is no rhyme or reason just gut and intuition. Let me give you an example: This is a real cadence from a real company. I didn’t want to revel the...

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