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Author: Gabe Larsen

You Suck at Sales Forecasting and I Can Prove It

You’ve probably heard that sales people are not good at forecasting. Maybe you’ve heard stats from surveys where sales leaders guess their accuracy and, like me, you’ve wondered, “is really true? Can only 45.8% of deals be forecasted accurately?” That’s no better than flipping a coin. What makes sales forecasting so difficult? Is it the people? What to measure? The dimensions, or periods, judgements or sources? The cadence, categories or the adoption of a standard tool? The Sales Forecasting Dilemma When forecasting an opportunity every company has a unique method to its madness. Most start by creating an opportunity...

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Only 28% of Business Deals Are Forecasted Accurately, Shows New Research

Many sales leaders are frustrated about the hit-and-miss aspect of sales forecasting. With mountains of data cramped into spreadsheets, and no meaningful way to find out what’s really important, it sometimes feels like nothing more than reading the tea leaves. New data from InsideSales.com shows it’s not far from the truth. Only 28.1% of closed deals are predicted accurately 90 days out, and the actual close amounts differ by 31% from forecasts, shows new research on sales forecasting by InsideSales.com Labs. The Gap Between Forecasting and Reality In our latest study, “The Gap Between Forecasting and Reality,” we analyzed 270,912...

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What Role Content Plays in the Sales Process

Everybody says buyers are half way into their buying process before they talk to a sales person, is that true and if it is true what is the data source for this claim? One way to determine where people are in the sales process is how they engage with content and nobody does that better than DocSend. In this episode, Dave Koslow, COO at DocSend talks about the power of content and what it means for your company. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: – Dave’s LinkedIn – DocSend.com – State of Sales Development Infographic – Subscribe to Gabe’s Content In...

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How to Pay Your Sales Development Reps

Compensation matters across all of sales but it really matters for sales development reps. SDRs need more guidance when managers can’t be around and bad comp plans can lead to bad results. Most people don’t have an answer for compensation but experience can teach you a lot. In this episode, Alex Hudzik, from Nasuni, talks about his experience and lessons learned about building an optimal SDR comp plan. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: – Alex’s LinkedIn – State of Sales Development Infographic – Subscribe to Gabe’s Content In This Episode You’ll Learn: An SDR compensation plan is...

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The Five Traits of Great Leaders

Are great leaders born or is it something that is learned? I sat down with CEO of InsideSales.com Dave Elkington and had him give me his top five leadership traits. How do you rate on each one? Where are your strengths and weaknesses? What can you do to become a more well balanced leader? Listen to this podcast and find out how good of a leaders you are. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: – Dave’s Article on the Five Traits In This Episode You’ll Learn: – The five leadership traits you need to know about – What...

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