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Author: Gabe Larsen

Cold Calling is NOT Dead: How We Built 1.1M in Pipeline Using the Phone

I’ve been tasked with building $100M in sales pipeline this year. It’s all perspective, but for me and my team, that’s a big number. And I’m not alone in this thinking. Recent research by InsideSales Labs, the research and best practice arm of InsideSales.com, showed that the biggest challenge facing sales leaders, behind people issues — was building pipeline. In fact, 62% of leaders say building pipeline is harder than closing pipeline. [1] In 15 years being in sales, I have learned there is no secret weapon when it comes to filling the sales funnel. You can’t bet on...

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What High Growth Companies Do Different w/Katie Bullard @DiscoverOrg

Every company wants to know how to GROW but growth is not an easy task. To learn more about this topic, DiscoverOrg surveyed leaders in sales and marketing on growth at their companies and factors accelerating it or inhibiting it. Survey questions delved into team structure, budgets, strategies, technologies stack, and more with the objective to uncover current trends leading to high growth success. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: – DiscoverOrg Research – Katie’s LinkedIn – State of Sales Research In This Episode You’ll Learn: – Is cold calling dead? Or, is it alive? – How many...

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Cold Calling With Artificial Intelligence – The New Way of Selling

You’ve heard of cold calling right? Your first thought is probably of a telemarketer who grabs a phone book, calls you during dinner, and hopes to close a deal then and there for whatever product they are selling.. If that’s what cold calling is then that doesn’t sound like a strategy, it sounds like an annoyance. Sales people have been doing it this way for years, due to lack of a better method. This gave sales calls a bad rep and with time, a lot of people just stopped answering their phones. Thankfully cold calling has evolved with the...

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LinkedIn InMail for Sales – How to Get More Pipeline With Social

LinkedIn InMail is becoming a preferred medium for sales communication. And it makes sense– with around 500 million users, it’s the best professional network you can use for B2B sales. But just sending a sponsored LinkedIn message randomly isn’t enough anymore to build sales pipeline. Sales reps are so convinced of the power of social media for selling, that some say cold calling is dead, and you should just switch to social selling. You can see the battle between social selling and digital prospecting play out in this webinar we did with Mario Martinez from Vengreso. As always, there’s...

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Five Myths of Prospecting

Everybody worries about prospecting and they should be they often believe things that cause them to fail. Prospecting will always be a combination of art and science but what is most important is what drives results. In this episode, Gord and Dan from the RainGroup talk about myths of prospecting and what you can do right now to start effectively building your pipeline. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: – The Five Myths of Prospecting – The State of Sales Development In This Episode You’ll Learn: – Exactly when buyers want to talk to sellers in the buying...

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