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Author: Gabe Larsen

Should You or Should You Not Respond to Inbound Leads Immediately?

Believe it or not, this is a real debate going on, and I don’t think the author meant for it to go this far. JaccoVan der Kooij wrote a detailed article called, The SaaS Metrics Blueprint: How to Define, Measure and Display What Actually Matters. I think Jacco knows what he’s talking about, but he’s sparked a debate with a few paragraphs that deserves some clarification. So let’s discuss lead response time and best practices. Here are the paragraphs being debated: CASE IN POINT: A client downloads a white paper and is asked for the email to receive it. The organizations...

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Sales Onboarding Strategies That Work w/Ryan Reisert @SalesBootcamp

Sales onboarding is still broken and many companies think they can solve the problem simply by having one rep shadow another. That’s not going to work and it doesn’t work. What good is hiring great people if you don’t do proper sales training? In this episode, Ryan Reisert, Lead Instructor at Sales Bootcamp, talks about what he’s learned about onboarding sales reps and shares his secrets to success. Sales onboarding is a process that you need to get right, otherwise you’ll find your pipeline empty at the end of a ramp session with a rep. The first 90 days are...

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How to Optimize the B2B Customer Experience w/Chad Sanderson @Value Prime Solutions

  You can’t ever forget the customer. The customer experience should trump everything, but for some reason it doesn’t, and it’s often the reason that companies fail. Companies get focused on themselves and why and how they are winning and they lose sight of their customer experience. B2C has an advantage sometimes because they can map the user experience and see the data. That’s not a good enough excuse for B2B leaders to forget about customer experience. In this episode, Chad Sanderson talks about the importance of the customer experience and why B2B companies need to focus on it...

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Why You Really Need AI to Sell

Many people talk about Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) today, however few know how to get started using A.I. in a business environment. In the sales world, some even wonder if we really need AI to close deals. I’m here to tell you – yes, absolutely, you need it to sell. A.I .can make salespeople more efficient, make sure they are focused on the right opportunities and minimize time wasters. In our latest InsideSales.com webinar, we discussed how AI can make life easier for sales reps and improve sales revenue and how to successfully implement it in the workplace. How Big...

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