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Author: Gabe Larsen

The Value of Sales Trigger Events /w Kyle Morris @SifData

Ever wondered why you’re losing valuable business? In many cases, in the B2B environment it’s about employee churn. When one employee who is a fan of your product changes jobs, the company might decide to switch vendors as well. We tried to work out a solution to this problem with Kyle Morris, at SifData, who taught us how you can get valuable data from your CRM in the form of sales trigger events. Prospect Change Jobs – and Tools All the Time Kyle Morris founded and runs SifData, a company that helps offer valuable information about how major changes...

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How to Fit Social Selling Into Your Cadence Strategy

Social selling is all the buzz right now, as consumers are moving more and more to social networks and sellers are following them right through. However, there’s a right way and a wrong way to introduce social selling into your sales cadence strategy. Too many IM’s, and your lead will block or report you. Give up too soon, and you’re bound to miss out on opportunities. This is why I’ve come up with a game plan on how to fit social selling into your sales cadence strategy. It’s tricky, but not impossible, so watch the video to understand how...

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What Are The Best Gifts to Show Your Prospects That You Care?

TAKE THE SURVEY: http://bit.ly/highimpactmailer Playmakers, we need your help! We’re conducting research on what kind of gifts work best to engage with your prospects. There are not a lot of surveys out there available that show exactly what works and what doesn’t when it comes to high impact mailers. So, if you’ve been sending little gift cards to your prospects, take the survey and let us know! We will send you the result of the survey when it is complete, so you’ll have access to benchmark info from hundreds of other companies.     We’ve been tracking high impact mailers...

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State of High Impact Mailers Survey – DailyG 5

I’ve been tracking high impact mailers for more than a year. A high impact mailer is a physical item (card, gift, etc) mailed to a prospect or customer to initiate a conversation or build a relationship. Well, the time has come to bring this into sales. InsideSales.com will soon be announcing full integration of high impact mailers into sales technology…. but I need your help.  We want to know your thoughts and opinions of high impact mailers so we can use these tools to their fullest potential.   Take the Survey and Learn About High Impact Mailers InsideSales Labs...

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The Power of High Impact Mailers w/Valerie Sklar @Corporate Specialties

  Some things are popular and then they fade out and come back again. High impact mailers are back. For some they are back in style and for others they are new. On the Playmakers Podcast this week we explored the power of high impact mailers and how businesses should start using them to drive sales. High impact mailers are physical items mailed to a prospect or customer to initiate a conversation or build a relationship. There are different types of mailers and different use cases. Valerie Sklar, president at Corporate Specialties, is an expert in mailers and has...

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