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Author: Gabe Larsen

Why You Can’t Survive Without a Digital Sales Strategy

Times are changing and companies need to change with it. In the modern era of selling customers are buying different and sales reps are selling different. For companies to win they need to understand the latest selling trends and modernize their sales team to compete in an era of constant change and disruption. ​In this session Alli, Amy, Katie, and Jim discuss digital sales strategies and discuss how organizations win and lose with or without them. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: The Sales Leadership Conference Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence In This Episode You’ll Learn: The buying...

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12 Sales Leadership Tips From the Most Influential Sales Pros

Sales leadership is not for the faint of heart. Only 63% of sales reps make their quota, and statistics today show the average tenure of a sales leader in their position is declining. This happens because sales organizations are simply not equipped with the right systems and processes that allow their people to perform. Recent InsideSales.com Labs research shows that the top 3 challenges of sales leaders today that relate to their people are all about recruiting and hiring, building the sales organization culture, and compensation: Recruiting and hiring (40.8% of sales leaders identify this as a top challenge)...

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Why You Need Data to Hit Your Sales Targets w/Edward Garry @Diolachan Consulting

Your sales process doesn’t have to be broken. Data can be used to drive the sales process forward and predict the result of the sales process. In this episode, Ed Garry talks about the importance of gathering the right data and making sure it is accurate. In addition, Ed hits on the pitfalls of sales management and data and why reps should be data-driven. Links and Resources Mentioned in This Episode: Edward Garry The Sales Leadership Conference Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence In This Episode You’ll Learn: How to use data to drive the sales process How to gather...

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Top Challenges for Sales Leaders in 2018 – What Keeps Sales Pros Up at Night?

What are the problems that are keeping sales leaders up at night? We wanted to find out, so we asked 500 executives what their top challenges are in 2018. It was not surprising to see that their top challenges revolve around building high quality pipeline, forecasting and prospecting, according to preliminary data from the latest InsideSales.com Labs research. In collaboration with Sandler school of sales training, we polled 500 sales leaders, with titles of director, VP, EVP/SVP and C-suite or President. This study attempts to show what sales leaders consider their top people-related challenges, what are their top process-related...

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Lead Response Secrets: 3 Tips From Winners of Best Lead Response 2018

Lead response management is the bread and butter of inside sales professionals today — and sometimes that of field sales reps as well. To get lead response right, you need to be fast, and you need to be persistent. Last week, InsideSales.com recognized the top 10 companies with the best lead response: these companies respond in about 12 minutes with about two follow-up replies. This week, we spoke to them to try and find out how they do it… We’ve had leaders from Dynamic Sygnal, Conversica and Ivanti give us the scoop on how to respond to leads efficiently....

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