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Author: Jessica Winn

Five Fantastic Movies Focused on Sales

There are a lot of movies about sales. “Death of a Salesman,” “Glengarry Glen Ross,” “Broiler Room” and many other movies have all explored the world of sales and those who close the big deals. But there are some other movies that have also taken a look at what making money all means and how to be successful at it. Here are a few movies about business, sales and how it’s all run: 1. Moneyball: Data wins every time. In this Brad Pitt flick, baseball general manager Billy Bean makes a move no one in the industry believes in. He bases his decisions to pick certain players on statistics only. In the end his decision pays off and changes the world of baseball forever. Sales reps can learn a thing or two from this movie. It’s not about what feels right; you should base your strategies and game plans around what the data tells you. 2. Jerry Maguire: A man has a change of heart when he takes a long, hard look at the sports agency he works for and decides things need to change. Unfortunately, he is fired after he distributes his thoughts at work. Struggling to hold onto the few athletes he tries to represent, he is left with two players he has to fight for. “Jerry Maguire” is ultimately a story about business and the ethics surrounding...

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6 Ways Your Sales Reps and Pet Cat are More Alike Than You Think

If sales reps were classified as a certain animal it would be the cat. Not a big cat, or king of the jungle cat, but the clever housecat that gives you those condescending looks until you pull out the tuna. Cats are interesting creatures that know what they want, are patient, intelligent predators that go in for the kill. Here are some other ways inside sales reps relate to our feline friends: 1. Finer Things: What sales rep or cat doesn’t want to have it all? They’re ambitious and will take whatever they think they can get away with; they don’t want just what you give them. Case in point: that promotion at work. Sales reps will set their eyes on it even if they’re the newest recruit. Those older, more seasoned cats better watch out because some upstart might be gunning for the top spot on the cat tower. 2. Scaredy Cat: Cats and sales reps aren’t afraid of a challenge, even if it could squish them. Rottweiler vs. a tiny kitten? Bring it.Even if intimidated, sales reps aren’t afraid of a challenge and will tackle it head on if given the opportunity. Not much fazes them and they welcome something that offers a challenge and could be a potential game. 3. Worship Me: Cats think that they rule everything in the vicinity. If you’ve ever brought a...

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CallidusCloud Connections Conference (C3) Begins This Weekend

InsideSales.com will be attending the CallidusCloud Connections 2013 Conference (C3) on Sunday, May 5, through Tuesday, May 7, in Sin City – the Aria in Las Vegas. Attendees at C3 will learn how to combine CallidusCloud’s tools to create a comprehensive sales and marketing suite. Those who attend will also gain new knowledge and understanding about products and tools available to them and the best ways to use them with their business. InsideSales.com will have a booth this year and will be explaining benefits about the PowerDialer, LocalPresence and other revolutionary sales tools. Sales reps, sales managers, decision makers and marketers are encouraged to drop by and see how you can increase your sales team results and productivity while enjoying the conference. Additionally, Jane McGonigal will be the keynote speaker this year. Jane is known as an intelligent game designer and inventor of SuperBetter and games for other companies. She is also known for her book “Reality is Broken: How Games Make Us Better and How They Change the World” and being named as one of the twenty most inspiring people by Oprah Winfrey. Check out her TED talk on how gaming can improve health, below: Twenty-three other noteworthy speakers will also be presenting at the conference, including keynote speakers Leslie Stretch from CallidusCloud and Scott Santucci from Forrester Research. Workshops mixed with other speakers will be taking place...

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Cold Calling Tactics for Inside Sales Reps from the Salesforce User Group

The Salesforce Users Group met in the new Adobe building in Lehi, Utah. During the meeting a lot of information was discussed and traded among Salesforce users. One of those things was the secret to turning a 30 second conversation into 3 minutes. Brandt Page, from Launch Leads, shared how to turn a blow off phone conversation into something positive. And let’s be real – every sales rep has experienced this all-to-common phone call. You pick up the phone, talk to the lead for a bit and then they ask the dreaded question: “Will you send me an email?” According to Page, every sales rep knows that translates to “Sorry, not interested.” The real question is how to turn the conversation on its head and keep them talking. It’s simple. It’s important to accept that they want you to send an email, but the key here is to not hang up the phone. Using the InsideSales.com system, sales reps have an automated email template that is already to go, they just have to plug in the right information about the lead. When the lead says to send them an email and that they’ll follow back up with you, the InsideSales.com system allows you to send an email right away and ask them to open it before they hang up. The key to making the call a success is while...

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Power Dialer Proves Natural Selection Right

Technology is speeding ahead at a break neck speed and all too often we forget to look behind and see the ground we’ve covered. The dialer is one of those technological advances, and a subtle one that’s been ignored. The infamous predictive dialer was one of the early dialers around (and sadly still in use) and went through its own wave of changes. Floppy disks were used, painstakingly so, to contact leads in the early days and with the power of the internet both the leads and dialers found their way online. But they didn’t stop there. With the predictive dialer becoming more powerful with the explosive growth of the internet and the companies that sprung from it, the tool was powerful but flawed. A lot of people have had the experience of the dialers that would put the person they called on hold when an agent wasn’t available. Others didn’t keep track of past leads and would call leads and lists multiple times a day (annoying the recipients to say the least!) The predictive dialer allowed for sales automation, and it did succeed with some things and failed miserably with others. In 2003, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) started to take action to keep the peace between telemarketers and the public. Those who were using predictive dialers were forced to be more choosey with who they contacted and...

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