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Author: Jonathan Lautaha

How to Prioritize Sales Leads

While working with sales development teams, one of the most consistent and surprising gaps I see is in lead prioritization. With teams I’ve worked with, there is a disconnect between how the data suggests they manage their leads and how they treat their leads in reality. A study by MarketingSherpa found that 79% of leads never convert to sales opportunities. In a study by Implisit Insights, the data suggests an even smaller amount of conversions, with just 13% of leads converting to opportunities. Even though data and intuition show that some leads are better than others, sales teams struggle...

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3 Barriers to Sales Transformation and 3 Keys to Success

I’ve been fortunate to meet some amazing sales leaders who are experts at driving change in their organizations. These leaders understand the risks of implementing new sales processes. They carefully plan messaging and training to mitigate risk and maximize success. Time and again, these organizations have convinced me that through strong leadership and precise execution, sales teams can achieve significant revenue growth. In their recently released book, 7 Steps to Sales Force Transformation, Warren Shiver and Michael Perla provide the playbook for successful sales transformation. The authors call out three barriers and three keys for successful sales change that...

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In Sales Development, Persistence is a Mindset

I recently shadowed one of our top-performing sales development reps (SDRs) here at InsideSales.com, Remington. In the first few minutes of our conversation, Remington told me how he handles prospects when they are short on time. From what he explained about persistence in sales, I could already see what made Remington a successful SDR. “The way I see it,” he said, “I’m already taking this prospect’s time when I call them. So I might as well dictate the conversation to make the time productive for the both of us.” “It’s all really a mindset,” he further explained. “When you’re calling prospects, you...

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5 Principles for Becoming a Leader of Change in Your Sales Organization

More than ever, sales organizations need to find ways to keep up with accelerating technological change, hyper-informed customers, and intensifying B2B competition. To provide context, consider these stats: 74% of B2B buyers conduct more than half of their research online before speaking with a salesperson (Forrester) 75% of B2B buyers use social media to research vendors (IDC) 74% of buyers choose the sales rep who was the first to add value and insight (Corporate Visions) Sales teams today need to know how to leverage technology to gain a competitive advantage. This means change—technological and business process change. Per Anneke Seley in Sales 2.0, “As...

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It’s Not the Calls You Take, But the Calls You Make

We recently worked with a client’s sales development team to increase the number of new opportunities they cultivated. During the week of our rollout, we noticed that one of their reps set 10 appointments in one day. That was incredible, considering the team was averaging fewer than two appointments per rep. Amazed by her productivity, I wanted to know her secret to getting clients on the phone and moving deals along. Surprisingly, she didn’t think she had a secret. In fact, she thought she followed the exact same process as all her peers. However, when we dug deeper, we found...

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