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Author: John Ternieden

5 Painful Truths That Are Hindering Your Sales Growth

Why does an organization that has experienced year-over-year growth suddenly stall? What steps should CEOs be taking to guide their organizations through stagnation into a future of continued expansion? Aaron Ross, author of the best-selling book “Predictable Revenue,” shared his perspective on the painful truths impeding companies from growth in an InsideSales.com webinar, “How CEOs Break Through Revenue Plateaus.” Do you recognize any of these five painful truths? 5 Painful Truths That Stall Growth   1.     It’s not them, it’s you Companies love to find excuses for poor performance. They may blame markets, faulty technology or even their own...

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7 LinkedIn Mistakes That Kill Sales

Sales teams are increasingly turning to social media for prospecting and attracting the attention of buyers. Sadly, though, many sales professionals are using social platforms poorly, unable to break through the clutter and find success. Art Sobczak, author of “Smart Calling,” and Crystal Thies, “The LinkedIn Ninja,” shared proven LinkedIn secrets in a webinar titled “Seven LinkedIn Mistakes That Kill Sales.” The 7 Mistakes   1.    You position yourself the wrong way Too many sales professionals inadvertently position themselves as job seekers on LinkedIn. Prospects and potential buyers don’t want to read about your sales volume and conversion rates....

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Grant Cardone to Share Sales Secrets at Sales Acceleration Summit

InsideSales.com is thrilled to announce that Grant Cardone, international business expert and motivational sales leader, will speak at this year’s Sales Acceleration Summit on May 7. Cardone is an American entrepreneur, sales training expert, international speaker, business innovator and “New York Times” bestselling author of five books. He is a highly respected salesperson whose passion is to teach people how to sell themselves, their products and their services, regardless of economic climate. His books, audio packages, seminars and on-demand business show network provide people of all professional backgrounds with the practical tools necessary to build their path to true freedom....

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