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Author: John Ternieden

Mick Hollison Discusses the State of Sales on Top iTunes Sales Podcast

InsideSales.com Chief Marketing Officer Mick Hollison recently shared new research on the state of sales with Brian Burns, host of The Brutal Truth About Sales & Selling, the top sales podcast on iTunes. Brian has been selling for more than 25 years and helps companies increase revenue and reduce sales cycles by understanding how their customers make purchasing decisions. On the podcast, Brian and Mick discussed the general sales outlook and important trends for 2016. Citing InsideSales’ Business Growth Index research, Mick shared valuable sales industry insights that explain why salespeople have every reason to remain optimistic in 2016....

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Your ‘Plug and Play’ Voicemail Template to Grab Interest and Get More Responses

According to a 2016 InsideSales.com Research study on optimizing business communication, 66.8 percent of executives said they are likely to respond to voicemail at work. Another study by DiscoverOrg determined that 75 percent of decision makers have taken an appointment or attended an event based on an unexpected sales call or email. Those numbers prove two things. First, voicemail is still relevant, and second, if you aren’t leaving quality voicemails, you’re missing out on opportunities. Art Sobczak, celebrated sales author and trainer, revealed his proven techniques for leaving quality voicemails during his 2016 Sales Acceleration Summit session. Pre-call research The art of...

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Salesforce’s Tony Rodoni Shares Secrets for Surviving in the New Sales Era

There was a time when deals were closed with putter in hand on the golf course. Today, thanks to the rise of inside sales, reps are abandoning green-side meetings and choosing to interact with their prospects and customers remotely. Tony Rodoni, EVP of Commercial Sales and Market Readiness at Salesforce, an InsideSales.com strategic ISV partner, spoke at Accelerate 16 on the changing nature of sales and how companies need to adjust in today’s market to better meet the needs of customers. Today is the age of the customer. Buyers are better informed than ever before and choosing to engage with...

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The Staggering Cost of Chasing Bad Sales Leads

$218,000. That’s how much you’re losing per sales rep over the course of a year because your team is wasting time chasing the wrong deals, according to the Altify Buyer/Seller Value Index, co-sponsored by InsideSales.com. What the new research reveals The Buyer/Seller Value Index is designed to inform those on both sides of the negotiating table and expose the dangerous myths and misleading statistics that are hurting the sales industry. Altify crunched the numbers and discovered that salespeople with a quota of $1 million and an average deal size of $100,000 suffered a loss of $218,000 over the course...

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What to Say on Your Second Voicemail Message

What do you say when you’re calling a prospect for the second time and reach their voicemail? Do you have a plan, or do you just wing it and hope for the best? Michael Pedone, B2B inside sales training expert at SalesBuzz.com, spoke at the InsideSales.com Sales Acceleration Summit 2016 and shared his tips for voicemail success. Michael built on the ideas he shared last time, which dealt with how sales reps should leave a voicemail when calling a prospect for the first time. For round two, he explained the process for a follow-up voicemail. The follow-up problem It...

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