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Author: Johny Wudel

Think Like an NFL Coach: Do Your Players Fit Your Sales Coverage Model?

If you were announced today as the new head coach of your favorite NFL team (I’ll insert Arizona Cardinals here), what are the biggest decisions you would need to make? I don’t claim to be a closet football coach, but the top two things for me are the type of offense/defense I want to run and the right players to do it. But in what order? Does personnel dictate the style of offense or vice versa? Well, it depends. Let’s move back closer to reality. If you were named the new head of your company’s inside sales org (and...

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4 Sales Prospecting Tips to Surge Ahead With Power Hours

Running is one of my passions, both for the exercise and the challenge of pushing my body to its limits. A few years ago, I was on a training run with a friend who is an Ironman triathlete. He’s the real deal – sub-three-hour marathon and in the top 30% of Ironman triathletes. At the end of our run, we were pushing hard the last half-mile. I was maxing out my pace and giving it all the juice I had. I noticed that he would surge, then back off a little, then surge again. After our run I asked...

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How to Improve Sales Training With Repetition and Follow-up

When a “sales training session” shows up on your calendar, I’ll bet you immediately call your dentist to schedule an appointment. As my dentist always says, a bad day getting a root canal is better than a good day sitting in training. Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been in almost a dozen training sessions, teaching sales reps the ins and outs of using the InsideSales.com platform. Throughout this process, I’ve learned one thing – learning happens by doing. If you think someone leaves your training with any clue of what you just said, think again. It’s just...

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