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Author: Ken Krogue

Highlights from Dreamforce 2017: Playmaking, AI Revolution, CRM Evolution, Giving Back

Since 2003, Dreamforce has experienced explosive growth from 1,300 attendees to 170,000 participants over a four-day event. The dialogues emerging over the past week’s event about the sales process, CRM, sales strategies and giving back have been key to this successful conference. Of the messages that have resonated from this year’s Dreamforce, I’ve been most compelled by the following four: CRM is declining.  I’ve written and presented extensively about the paradigm of CRM. Customer Relationship Management software simply isn’t enough anymore. It is necessary as a system of records, but salespeople now look to other technologies to improve their...

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CRM Isn’t Enough – Here’s What’s Next

Everybody’s using Customer Relationship Software (CRM) today. Everybody. And although it’s become such a commodity, average sales quota attainment has fallen each year, for the last five years. Why? The CRM’s ability to deliver on its promise of improving the sales process has stalled. It’s not built to address the challenges of today’s complex buying environment. In our connected economy, buyers educate themselves through online information, peer references, and crowd sourced reviews. They are making decisions in a non-linear and recursive way, and the approval process varies by company. Many buying decisions can be made with no sales rep...

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A Selling Secret: Have Better Conversations

In a recent series of articles about extreme velocity sales on Forbes Magazine, I’ve mapped a way to improve your sales performance. In the latest article, I share a useful selling secret. There are two main ways to have better conversations with your leads: one is to polish up your skills with sales training, and the other is to have more conversations with qualified decision makers. The average sales training program can increase your results by a little more than 20%, on average. But sales courses take a lot of time and resources that sometimes a company might not...

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Want to Sell More? Have More Conversations

Sales will always be a numbers game. The only way to increase your numbers is to increase the sales conversations that you are having with your prospects. InsideSales.com technology can boost your sales results by up to 30 percent. But that’s only if you are committed to ensuring the sales process transformation that is vital for your team to perform. Technology Is Only As Good As How You Use It I wrote an article in Forbes magazine recently which showed how this technology was implemented in a major telecommunications company. The company wanted to do their own training and...

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U.S. Sales Reps Lagging Behind European Counterparts

Sales representatives in Europe are achieving quota more often than their U.S. counterparts, according to the latest research from InsideSales Labs. I discussed this aspect in my column in Forbes magazine, showing why sales reps in Europe are achieving better results. And it’s as simple as their day to day activity. The “State of Sales 2017” study covers 1,151 companies in U.S. and 28 countries in Europe and shows that companies are doing to accelerate sales. The combined research of all countries shows an average of 60.9% of all sales account executives are attaining quota, with the U.S. attaining...

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