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Author: Ken Krogue

Want to Sell More? Have More Conversations

Sales will always be a numbers game. The only way to increase your numbers is to increase the sales conversations that you are having with your prospects. InsideSales.com technology can boost your sales results by up to 30 percent. But that’s only if you are committed to ensuring the sales process transformation that is vital for your team to perform. Technology Is Only As Good As How You Use It I wrote an article in Forbes magazine recently which showed how this technology was implemented in a major telecommunications company. The company wanted to do their own training and...

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U.S. Sales Reps Lagging Behind European Counterparts

Sales representatives in Europe are achieving quota more often than their U.S. counterparts, according to the latest research from InsideSales Labs. I discussed this aspect in my column in Forbes magazine, showing why sales reps in Europe are achieving better results. And it’s as simple as their day to day activity. The “State of Sales 2017” study covers 1,151 companies in U.S. and 28 countries in Europe and shows that companies are doing to accelerate sales. The combined research of all countries shows an average of 60.9% of all sales account executives are attaining quota, with the U.S. attaining...

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The Secret Message In The Apple Keynote For Entrepreneurs

If there was ever a coming out party from Apple on the topic of AI (Artificial Intelligence), the latest product launch event was it. Apple has staked its claim and its future on AI by including a myriad of AI-powered features in its new iPhone X handset. Concepts like “neural engine,” “AI,” and “machine learning” were used in various forms throughout the Apple event, especially in the first few minutes of their biggest announcement of the iPhone X. The new handset uses facial recognition with its applications of neural networks in animated emojis as well as live lighting adjustments...

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Ken Krogue, In Forbes Magazine: Artificial Intelligence Is Here To Stay

AI is here to stay and it’s not just changing the market, it’s shaping the way we live and work. In the sales industry, the growing sophistication and accuracy of predictive analytics is creating significant advances. However, inbound marketing and sales (along with many other functions and sectors) must continue to advance their use of AI in ways that they can build consumer trust.   State of Artificial Intelligence 2017 The Labs Team at InsideSales.com completed their newest study on the State of Artificial Intelligence. It’s an interesting read, that shows that interest and investments in this type of technology is...

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Sales Efficiency: Stop Wasting Time Taking Meaningless Notes

While consulting with one company, I took a stopwatch with me and started timing all the ways salespeople could waste time. I counted 15 different ways that occurred pretty regularly. One of the first time wasters I discovered was the time it takes to leave a voicemail, but one of the craziest was the time reps waste taking notes. After every call, reps would take notes about the call. They were trying to record everything so they could remember what happened the next time around, but it was out of control. In fact, the call would only last two...

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