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Author: Livia Stancu

Cindy Chao, @Marketo: The 3 Principles of AI in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence has the potential to solve the challenge of scaling content personalization in marketing. However, in order for it to be effective, it needs to be implemented without a lot of hassle, shows Cindy Chao, Product Marketing Manager at Marketo. Cindy gave us the three secrets on how marketers can implement content personalization with AI, without an extensive development team, during her speaker session at the AI Growth Summit hosted by InsideSales.com. Customers Only Want to Talk To Brands Who Understand Them Digital transformation has completely changed the way buyers interact with brands. It has also changed the...

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Forrester Report: How AI Will Transform Sales

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) revolution in sales has begun, shows a Forrester research report on AI sales transformation. The report, titled “How AI Will Transform Sales,” details the latest improvements in machine learning technology for sales, and offers info on how companies can use AI from pre- to post-sales to drive better customer engagement. Act Now, Before The AI Revolution Sneaks Up On You The Forrester study pushes businesses to act on AI implementation, or risk falling behind competition. It highlights that companies using smart AI tools for their sales organization have higher chances of success. Currently, over 90%...

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Sandler Training: Is AI Ready for Primetime in Sales Training?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is starting to have a wide range of applications in sales, as well as in sales training and coaching, shows Dave Mattson, CEO of the reputed Sandler school for professional development. Dave Mattson discusses the applications of AI during an online session for the AI Growth Summit hosted by InsideSales.com. Is AI Ready to Role-Play and Coach Salespeople? Sales trainers are already able to use AI in product training today, says Dave Mattson. While it is not ready yet to take on complex tasks such as role-play and coaching, the technology will keep improving to a...

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The AI Growth Summit Starts in June, Showing Strategies to Boost Sales

The AI Growth Summit from InsideSales.com, a select gathering of sales marketing professionals, debuts on June 20. Over 30 speakers will discuss artificial intelligence (AI) uses in sales and marketing. The summit will cover practical advice from top leaders on how to drive business results with machine learning technology. How Artificial Intelligence Solves Business Problems Artificial Intelligence has been proven to increase revenue results by up to 30 percent in some cases. Analysts believe that the technology has the potential to solve some of the biggest challenges in sales. Speakers from companies like Sandler Training, Sales for Life, Bombora,...

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Sales and Marketing Alignment Seen as Solution to Pipeline Problem, Shows Survey

Sales and marketing alignment is seen as a solution to one of the most burning issues in business– building pipeline, shows new survey from InsideSales.com Labs of 500 sales executives. The survey shows that lead quality and quantity is the most common problem for sales leaders, after recruiting and hiring and sales culture. Executives believe that improved alignment between sales and marketing teams can solve the lead generation problem by allowing the two teams to work together more efficiently– and making lead follow-up more timely and effective. Overall Top Sales Challenges Sales leaders report that lead quality and quantity...

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