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Author: Livia Stancu

3 Questions Data-Driven Sales Managers Must Answer

Not everyone hits quota. In fact, quota attainment has been in decline for 6 straight years. InsideSales Labs data shows that only 60% of sales reps reach quota attainment. In order to move the needle, sales managers need insights on how to affect the right kinds of change in their sales team.  Those insights MUST include answers to these questions: – How much money are you leaving on the table? (missed value) – What’s the fastest way to get more value? (marginal value) – How many of your highest value leads go untouched? (untapped value) Getting these answers in...

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Sales Prospecting For the Pros: 5 Secrets to Build a Winning Cadence

Prospecting is grueling work, and most sales reps fail due to lack of trying. Data from InsideSales Labs shows that the most utilized sales cadence is one single email, when trying to contact leads. It’s an appalling number, given that most prospects need around six touches to respond. We’ve teamed up with Michael Pedone, CEO of SalesBuzz, to see what makes a winning sales cadence and a great sales conversation.  What Winning Sales Reps Do to Double Their Contact Rates Successful sales representatives create a sales cadence with multiple touch points, including a variety of sales communication channels: calls,...

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What Sets The Star Sellers Apart? /w Matt Dixon, @Tethr

Do you know what makes your best sellers different from the rest? It’s crucial question that sales managers need to answer, if they are to lift up the performance of their team through sales coaching. Language is a powerful predictor of success. Good news is, you no longer need to comb through hundreds or thousands of sales conversations to find the needle in the thread. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can do this instantly for you. How AI Can Identify What Makes Your Best Sellers Different Matt Dixon, Chief Product & Research Officer at Tethr, and author of “The Challenger Sale,” has...

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Free eBook Download: Cold calling vs. Digital Prospecting

Cold calling vs digital prospecting is a powerful debate dividing the sales world. Some are looking to old-school cold calling, while others say the modern salesman only needs LinkedIn and digital prospecting to build pipeline. The truth is, technology has changed the way sales representatives work and reach their quota, but that doesn’t mean cold calling is dead. It just means that sales reps today have more tools in their arsenal to solve the ever complex challenge of building pipeline. Cold Calling vs Digital Prospecting What you choose (cold calling vs digital prospecting) will always depend on what your...

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How Cleaning Up Your Pipeline Can Increase Sales by 10%

Ever had that one deal that you’ve been chasing for months, and keeps slipping from quarter to quarter in your pipeline, but never closing? We call it a ‘zombie’ deal, the sales deal that never dies– and unfortunately, the one that doesn’t let you focus on the things that matter. Cleaning up the sales pipeline can increase sales by 10%, as one company recently found out. The company had a global sales team offering data protection and information management systems. Their forecasting process was difficult, and the pipeline always seemed artificially inflated. Deals were added to the pipeline, but...

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