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Author: Livia Stancu

10 Secrets of Successful Business Development Leaders

Business development is not an easy job, and managing and motivating prospecting teams is just as taxing. A sales development rep places around 36 calls per day, sends around 37 emails and about 15 voicemails. They deal with rejection day in and day out, and need to permanently think out of the box to be able to connect with the right prospects. According to recent research, sales development representatives have an average annual quota of $658,000, and quota attainment is at only 64 percent. Needless to say, business development takes grit – and business development managers know this. We...

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Sales Development Statistics for 2017 – Infographic

The Sales development role is one of the more misunderstood sales roles. Many people debate the definition of sales development while others argue which department sales development should report into. Latest InsideSales.com research clears up some of the controversy around this all-important role in the enterprise sales world, by offering a benchmark with sales development statistics for 2017. Sales teams specialization by role has long been a standard in the industry, as it leads to increased productivity. Sales activities are no longer jumbled and there is increased collaboration (and less competition between individuals). The model also has the potential...

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Vote Now: Sales Development Thought Leader of the Year

Love them or hate them, managers are an essential part of any team, and sales development leaders are no exception. This year, over 30 sales development leaders will be speaking at the InsideSales.com Sales Development Summit, and we took to the task of submitting their brands to a tough test. For one week, until the 13th of December, you can vote for your favorite sales development leader and make sure the world knows their name. The Sales Development Summit is the largest event for prospecting specialists and sales development managers. We’ll be discussing topics like: latest research in the...

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These Were The Best Sales Pitches We Heard at Dreamforce

This year, at the Dreamforce sales conference, we collected 15 pitches from some of the companies exhibiting and submitted them to public scrutiny. The results are in: Brightfunnels, Conga and Vidyard were the companies voted the best sales pitch at the Dreamforce conference this year. The Elevator Pitch We had a good round-up of sales pitches at Dreamforce, mostly for selling software products or services. And while we had a one-minute maximum time for presenting the sales pitch in this contest, we saw there was one thing that the best sales reps had in common. They were extremely efficient...

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Learn From 30+ Experts How to Do Sales Development Right

InsideSales.com will be hosting the Sales Development Summit in December, a virtual event for sales development training and best practices. The virtual event includes over 30 expert speakers, from sales development reps and managers to sales executives with years in the industry. You can register at www.salesdevelopmentsummit.com and participate for free. We’ll be discussing latest research in the sales development, sales development management and best practices, as well as proven steps for sales development success. The State of Sales Development 2017 InsideSales.com latest research on sales development shows that the industry is changing. “The State of Sales Development” is...

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