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Author: Livia Stancu

The 12 Immutable Laws of Extreme Velocity Sales

Rushing to meet sales quotas at the end of the month or at the end of the quarter is common practice is most sales organizations. However, it is costing most companies millions. The average loss for a company that employs such tactics is 27 percent of potential revenue, according to recent research. Ken Krogue, President of InsideSales.com, set to list the rules of high velocity selling that might help sales leaders maximize their teams’ potential and avoid the end-of-the-quarter rush. The rules were developed in partnership with InsideSales.com CEO, Dave Elkington, and highlight actionable items that sales representatives can...

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Secrets of Phone Prospecting – with Jeb Blount, CEO of SavyGravy

It’s no secret – phone prospecting is one of sales development representatives’ least favorite activities. It’s one of their biggest fears, and one of the most stressful parts of their day. This is because it involves a lot of objections from prospects, and because the main activity, don’t we all know it – involves interrupting someone in their work day to sell them something. Jeb Blount, CEO of SavyGravy and author of the book “How to Be a Fanatical Prospector”, sales expert with years in the industry, gives us a few secrets of phone prospecting. Jeb Blount was a...

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Email Prospecting vs Cold Calling: What’s Best?

Ever wondered how you should approach your clients, if you should send an email or call them on the phone? Sometimes picking between sales communication methods (email prospecting vs cold calling or even voicemail) is a matter of preference and a subjective choice for sales representatives. However, getting the right sales activity with a lead can make or break your deal. It can’t be left to chance. Email is currently the industry darling for salesmen, according to a recent study – but it may not always be the best way to go. Email Is the Most Common Sales Outreach Method...

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7 Email Personalization Best Practices You Need to Know

If you have ever received an email starting with “Hey, bro?” followed by a flamboyant sales proposal? It’s just one of many examples of poorly thought out emails that sales representatives are guilty of. Heather R. Morgan, founder and CEO of Salesfolk, spoke to InsideSales.com’s Gabe Larsen, about some of the email personalization best practices that any salesman needs to know. Research shows time and again that open rates for emails with a personalized message trump those of bland, impersonal messages. The open rate for e-mails with a personalized message was 18.8%, as compared to 13.1%  without any personalization in 2016....

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Best Lead Generation Methods for Creating Pipeline

Lack of leads is the primary challenge confronting 49% of sales and marketing pros, followed by lead quality and conversion. So how are top performers tackling this problem? InsideSales.com field marketing and sales experts discussed about what are the best lead generation methods that Marketing and Sales can agree upon for creating pipeline. Gabe Larsen, director of InsideSales.com Labs, Justin Hiatt, Senior Director Business Development and Jeff Fowler, VP of Revenue Generation at InsideSales.com talked about this hot topic in an online webinar. Watch the webinar to find what methods are best for developing leads, creating pipeline and driving brand...

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