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Author: Livia Stancu

Top 3 Things You Need to Perfect Your Sales Cadence

Old-age questions: How often should I be contacting my leads? Should I use email, or voicemails? The VP of InsideSales.com Labs, Gabe Larsen, was a guest this week on the B2B Growth Show podcast. He discussed the three elements you need to perfect your sales cadence. And, you guessed it – one of them is sales cadence research to show you industry averages. Gabe discussed the “Sales Cadence” research from InsideSales Labs, that shows the average sales cadence numbers for nearly 9,000 companies. The study details how companies are using a sequence of sales activities (cadence) to reach their...

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LinkedIn Selling Master Class with Lindsey Boggs

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the ultimate tool for social selling. At the time of writing this article, Microsoft claimed half a billion users are on LinkedIn. Wow, that’s a lot of opportunity! We caught up to social selling expert Lindsey Boggs on the Playmakers podcast, who gave us a short but impactful LinkedIn Selling Master Class. Lindsey Boggs (EntailInsights) was made famous at one of the LinkedIn Sales Connect conferences, when she managed to get the highest Social Selling Index. The Social Selling Index is a score created by LinkedIn to rank a members’ use of LinkedIn as a...

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The Number One Thing That Drives Results With Social Selling

B2B companies increasingly use social selling to try and reach users on their preferred communication channels. But what are the social selling strategies that drive real results, and where should we meet users? Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter? We spoke to Cameron Brain, CEO and Founder of Everyone Social, on the Playmakers Podcast, to try and find out. What IS Social Selling, Anyway? Everyone’s Social provides employee advocacy solutions to large B2B organizations. Around 50 percent of its users are, in fact, using the platform for sales. We started by asking the obvious question: what IS social selling, and how does...

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Five Tips to Build a World Class Sales Development Team

What makes some of the world’s best sellers? Are they born with it, or is it a skill they refine with time, as aged wine? We spoke to Kraig Kleeman – author, speaker and sales consultant – on the Playmakers podcast, to find out. Kraig is author of “The Must React System” and “Building a Winning Brand” and has ample experience prospecting. He spoke to us about sales development and some of the key trends facing that important role trends-driving world-class SDR teams.   Playmaker Podcast   He tells us that sales development rep tends to be “the trendy...

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Sales Development 2017 Infographic: Quota Attainment is Only 64%

Companies report an average quota attainment of only 64 percent for sales development representatives (SDR), shows recent research from InsideSales.com. While sales development reps have an average of 14 meaningful conversations with customers or prospects every day and send dozens of emails and voicemails, not all are able to reach their quota. Companies report only a 64% quota attainment, on average, for their sales development reps. The “State of Sales Development 2017 study shows some stats on the activity and results of sales development reps in the United States. The report also looks at the sales technology systems they...

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