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Author: Livia Stancu

The Definitive Guide to Sales Cadence

When sales reps reach out to prospects via email, phone or using social media, they execute what is called a sales cadence… That is, if they simply don’t give up after one phone call or email. Research shows you have a higher chance of contacting leads when you are persistent in your outreach. However, the data also shows that increasingly, sales reps give up too soon on leads. A Guide to Build a Winning Sales Cadence Gabe Larsen, vice president of InsideSales.com Labs, has put together the complete, definitive guide to building a sales cadence guaranteed to win sales....

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C-Level Executives from Caesars, West and Korn Ferry Hay Group to Speak at Accelerate 2018

C-level executives from Fortune 500 companies like Caesars Entertainment, West Corporation and Korn Ferry Hay Group will speak at Accelerate Business Growth Summit sponsored by InsideSales.com. Held March 5-8 at Snowbird Resort in Utah, Accelerate is the only growth conference exclusively for business executives using complex data and AI to manage their organization’s growth. The invite-only event, limited to 350 senior executives (VP, SVP, EVP, CRO, CIO, CMO) from the nation’s top companies, will combine practical thought leadership with transformational business insights to help companies grow. Michael Lewis and Sugar Ray Leonard Keynote speakers include bestselling author Michael Lewis, legendary boxing...

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23 World Class Leaders Speaking at Accelerate 2018

World class sales and marketing leaders have announced their TED-style talks at the Accelerate Business Summit, sponsored by InsideSales.com, the sales acceleration company. Growth is the word of the year, and for the 2018 Accelerate conference in March, these business execs have incredible stories to help you learn what’s working today in business growth strategy. Leaders from companies like CenturyLink, West, Kodak and Caesars Entertainment will be sharing their advice on business growth strategy at the Accelerate Business Growth Summit. The Summit takes place this year at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah, March 5-8, and will be an...

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The 5 Step Process to Building a Sales Cadence That Works

There’s a lot to be said about the effectiveness of inbound marketing– and while not all marketing leads are created equal, there’s value in these efforts nonetheless. A Hubspot report shows that Marketing departments produce hundreds to thousands of leads per moth (the number will vary by industry). Asa a sales rep, how do you stay on track with the right sales activities and following up with the right leads, every day of the week? It all starts with a well thought-out sales cadence. When implemented correctly, a sales cadence can nearly double your contact rates, show internal experiments...

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4 Common Myths About Sales Prospecting, Destroyed

Still under the impression that cold calling is dead, or that buyers don’t really read your content? Don’t believe a word you hear, because you will be missing out on solid opportunities. A recent RAIN group study of 489 sellers shows some common myths about sales prospecting and debunks them with hard data. What Do Your Buyers Really Want? The RAIN Group Center for Sales Research (CSR) studied 488 buyers as well as 489 sellers doing outbound prospecting to uncover what is working (and what isn’t) in sales prospecting. The study covered a variety of topics, including when buyers want...

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