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Author: Michael Critchfield

Cold Calling and Sales Prospecting: A Day in the Life

Are your sales reps spending their time wisely? CSO Insights reports that the average sales rep only spends two days a week effectively selling. The rest of the time, your reps are probably looking for someone to call, writing emails, leaving voicemails and logging call notes. Cold calling and sales prospecting teams often make these common mistakes that kill productivity: Pursuing unqualified leads who will never buy. Missing sales opportunities by not paying attention to buying signals. Giving lackluster effort thanks to low motivation. You can address all of these issues by putting the right systems in place. We’ve...

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Removing Sales Obstacles: 4 Essential Steps for Sales Leadership and Career Growth

Ganesha is one of the best-known Hindu deities. He is the patron of arts and sciences, and the deva of intellect and wisdom. However, he is most commonly recognized as a remover of obstacles and is honored at the start of rituals and ceremonies. I didn’t know any of this until a couple of weeks ago. My newfound, albeit basic, knowledge of Hindu culture started when Anil Somaney, our new VP of business development, presented me with a wonderful figurine of this deity as a thank-you gesture for my help with his promotion. The significance of his gift revealed itself as...

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The Definition of Sales Operations and How it Relates to Revenue

I was surprised when doing research for a recent webinar I participated in that 54% of all sales operation teams have been in their position for less than three years. This is an interesting trend. At InsideSales.com, sales operations bridges the spans and facilitates successful and accelerated lead to revenue generation. Every sales team at InsideSales.com individually plays a specific role in the overall revenue success of the company. Revenue synergy is created through cross team alignment, as seen in the image above. At its core, sales operations comes down to process management and team aligned company accountability. Sales operations begins in defined individual, team, and company processes attuned to metrics that measure success. Simply stated, every InsideSales.com process is measurable and drives company revenue. The magic occurs when the sales operations team aligns and assists in harmonizing those processes so the whole becomes greater than the sum of the individual parts. A best practice is to review often – some metrics daily, others hourly. In other words, as Edwards Deming said, we inspect what we expect which drives higher performance. It’s important that sales operations is the team that reports on the performance. This ensures a neutral eye and keeps each team in the process accountable to revenue. Accountability has allowed InsideSales.com to drive performance levels that previously we thought was unattainable. Public accountability communicates success or highlights...

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A Common Mistake from a VP of Sales

I have been selling for many years. As the VP of Sales at InsideSales.com, I do not usually give demos of our PowerDialer for SalesForce software. Today, however, I took the opportunity to present to Brian Geery, Interim VP of Sales at Sustainable Minds and a managing partner at Sales Productivity Architects. Brian was a referral from a friend and sales expert, Trish Bertuzzi of the BridgeGroup. I have been evaluating what InsideSales.com can do to improve our game and increase our sales growth in 2012. I figured that doing the demo would not only clear my mind, but also get me close to our product and a prospect.

My demonstration was not as polished as one of my best salespeople, but it lasted the standard 45 minutes, and it covered in content and form, what a standard demo would include. It was also received favorably with the prospect requesting a formal proposal. It is good to know that an old dog still can do a few tricks!

At its conclusion, Brian offered a personal critique. Simply stated, “The demo was good, however, I think you could sell more, faster, if your demonstration was less about what your software does and more about how it solves my problems.” Brian was exactly right!

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