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Author: Paul Marchant

5 Strategies for More Accurate Sales Forecasting

With so many business and finance leaders facing unprecedented market disruption and the need for wholesale transformation in their businesses, there has never been a more crucial time to get a grip on revenue forecasts. Strong revenue predictability provides a sound platform for the critical decisions that need to be made in these tumultuous times. “Intel to slash 12,000 jobs as forecast misses” “Expedia shares drop after missing revenue forecast” These headlines spell out the obvious: predictability is something many businesses are still not able to find a way to deliver. Although there is no silver bullet in revenue...

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The Big Opportunity Media and Content Companies Are Missing

You would have thought media and publishing companies were now well practiced in change.  With the digital disruption of the sector, the loss of core audiences and the fundamental need to transform outdated business models, adaptation should now be a core competency. However, it appears the media industry has failed to keep pace with another transformation, the move to use content to drive inbound marketing. Inbound marketing has become such an important part of any B2B growth strategy that there have been countless articles, such as Harvard Business Review’s piece, that cover the importance of effective lead management.  The topic has...

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