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9 Steps For Managing Your Leads Effectively

What does it mean to manage a lead effectively? Listed below are the 9 steps to follow when managing your leads. 1. Lead Generation: any of a number of marketing or sales methods used to generate inquiries. 2. Lead Inquiry: a person provides contact information inviting a response. 3. Lead Capture: the method whereby contact […]

Four Factors and Three Practices for Qualified Leads

Remote Sales needs leads. Good Leads. Leads that will become customers. This kind of lead is not easy to find, though there are some companies that would tell you otherwise. These companies make their profits by selling what they want you to believe are leads. In reality they are often little more than a long […]

What’s the best kind of Dialer for you?

Last week I wrote about what you can do to get the most out of your Auto Dialer.  Look forward to me highlighting in the future different kinds of dialers, and what you can expect from them. This week . What’s the best kind of Dialer for you? Part 1 Several varieties of dialers exist. […]

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