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How Inside Sales Reps Turn Sales Inputs into Valuable Sales Outputs

At InsideSales.com we like to measure progress. If you look in our salesroom, there is a constant feed of appointments, dials and contacts to track the progress of each individual salesperson. We even added a recruiting metrics TV in our admin department, and now everyone knows how our recruiters are meeting their goals. Tracking progression […]

Inside Sales Tip: Educate Yourself to Know the Product and Customers Will Succeed

Our CEO at InsideSales.com, Dave Elkington, has coined the statement, “The success of our company depends on our knowledge of our product.” This may seem silly that the CEO vocalizes this often, but the importance of this statement runs deeper than one might originally think. For instance, imagine walking into a car repair store with […]

Fitting in with Inside Sales as an Outsider

I was drawn to apply for the education specialist position at InsideSales.com because the job description included writing. As a recent graduate from a journalism program, I was intrigued by a writing position within a sales organization. “What could these telemarketers possibly need from my skillset?” I asked myself. Clearly I wouldn’t be in my usual […]

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