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Hiring Journalists for Inbound Marketing

I had an intriguing conversation with Mark Roberge, SVP of Sales & Services at HubSpot, at the SellingPower Sales 2.0 Conference in San Francisco last fall. Keep reading to learn the genius strategy that he shared with me. Getting on the ski lift at Alta, Utah last weekend I struck up a conversation with the young […]

Lead Generation: Google PPC Drone Advertising

The male drone ant lives roughly 45 days. His only objective is to find princesses and reproduce. Google PPC Drone Advertising’s only objective is to find short-term advertising princesses and produce results. Most companies launch long-term Google PPC campaigns, manage bid amounts, perform AdWords keyword research, tune landing pages, tweak wording and capture leads. This […]

How to Nail a Job Interview: Remember it All Starts in the Parking Lot

Your LinkedIn profile is perfect. You applied for the position. You passed the initial screening and phone interviews. You have a good rapport with the recruiter and were invited to an in-person interview with the boss. You have studied the company website and know the products. Things are looking pretty good for getting that job […]

How to Write a Resume for a Job in Marketing and Sales

How to #FAIL Getting a Marketing Interview – Your Resume  I just finished reviewing another 17 resumes of hopeful marketing candidates. Here are the Top 3 #FAIL moments. If you want a marketing job where you just create Photoshop graphics, give out flying monkeys at a trade-show, or get a few hundred Facebook likes – […]

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