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Cold Calling Strategy

Cold Calling Voicemails: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Cold Calling Voicemails: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

In one of the darkest torture scenes of the classic western, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, Angel Eyes (The Bad) turns to Blondy (The Good) and drawls, “You’re smart enough to know that talking won’t save you.” It seems too many sales reps today fall on the side of Angel Eyes, and don’t see […]

How to Use LinkedIn to Make Smarter Sales Calls

Does cold calling still work? It depends how you define it. The original definition of cold calling was reaching out to people you don’t know anything about and trying to sell them something. “Anybody who does that these days is an idiot,” says Ken Krogue, founder and president of InsideSales.com. Earlier this month, Krogue teamed […]

3 Reasons Your Voicemails Fail and How to Fix Them

“Why do voicemails fail?” This is the question Michael Pedone recently asked his audience at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit. “Not compelling,” “Too easy to screen out” and “People are too busy” were some of the answers. But finding the real answer to why people don’t respond to voicemails is the only way to create […]

Inside Sales Reps: Knowledge is PowerDialer!

You and I have heard, many times, the old adage “Knowledge is Power!” We can’t argue with the truth inherent in this statement. Education is key to personal and financial growth. There are those who, lacking a college education or degree, have earned comfortable livings and even amassed wealth. However, these people also tout ongoing […]

The #1 Way to Increase Sales Revenue – Sales Reps Take Note

I’m a marketer at insidesales.com and I’m hijacking the sales blog today. I’m writing on behalf of marketers everywhere, and I’m calling out sales professionals. The Goal of Inbound Marketers First, let me say that I like my job and I take it seriously. I strongly feel the need to produce more leads for sales. […]

How to Build a High Velocity Sales Team: Tools, Training & Technology (Part 4.5 – Outbound)

[This article is part of a multi-blog series on how to build a high velocity sales team. Click the following links to view previous blogs:  Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4– Inbound. To the view the original 5-part webinar series on how to build a high velocity sales team, conducted by Ken […]

How do you Quantify a Lead to Expand your Sales Pipeline and Increase Sales Velocity: Stretching the Sales Funnel

Companies are spending huge amounts of marketing budget on new and innovative tools, techniques, and systems to generate interest in the form of web leads.  Ironically, those same companies are using antiquated techniques to qualify those leads, wasting much of the marketing investment put into those efforts.  At InsideSales.com, our technology is designed to automate […]

Optimal Metrics for Lead Generation

Driving performance requires accurate and focused measures of performance.  This is especially the case for account development and lead generation teams.  I have recently been interviewing both InsideSales.com customers and non-customers (predominantly from the B2B High Tech/Services/Telecom industries) to identify the optimal metric to use when measuring the success of account development reps.  I found that […]

Sales Call Tactics – The Medium Controls the Message

tv-old20th century Canadian scholar and media theorist Marshall McLuhan once stated that when it comes to communication, “The medium is the message.”

In his mind, it was not always the content of the message that mattered, as much as the the method in which it was delivered.

For example, a television set can deliver a broad variety of messages through the media of video and sound—sitcoms, “reality” shows, newscasts, the NFL, talk shows, cartoons, full-length feature movies, and Shark Week. However, we often forget what TV can’t control—the fact that the recipient has to receive those messages under a very specific set of conditions.

The viewer has to be in front of a television screen, tuned to the right channel, able to hear the audio portion of the broadcast, and have a minimum level of outside distractions.

Have you ever considered just how much time, money and energy we dedicate to having a “maximized TV watching experience”? If the “medium is the message,” based on its use conditions, the message of the TV medium is that it’s a big deal. An investment. An experience compelling enough for us to plan our living arrangements around its very existence.

And here’s the kicker:

A sales phone call is no different. . . . .

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