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End-of-Month Pipeline Management Advice from Princess Leia

End-of-Month Pipeline Management Advice from Princess Leia

As a Research Analyst here at InsideSales.com, people expect me to be a bit of a nerd…and they’re not wrong. I love anything related to Star Wars (yes, even the prequels…sort of), and as we crunched the numbers on 9.8 million sales transactions for our latest research study Time-Based Closing Strategies: The High Cost of […]

CEO Dave Elkington Answers Your Burning Questions on InsideSales.com

CEO Dave Elkington Answers Your Burning Questions on InsideSales.com

Want to know the secrets behind InsideSales.com’s breakaway success? Today is your lucky day. InsideSales.com CEO Dave Elkington discusses the ups and downs of building a fast-growing technology company in an in-depth radio interview on KCPW’s “The Bottom Line.” In a wide-ranging conversation with KCPW host Doug Wells, Elkington shares the intimate details, difficulties, pain, […]

Retaining Sales Reps: Tips To Reduce Sales Turnover

The high turnover rate of inside sales reps is one of the biggest challenges facing the rapidly growing industry. Just when a salesperson becomes effective, he is ready to move on. CEO and founder of InsideSales.com, Dave Elkington, addressed the importance of retaining reps and gave some tips on retention best practices in his presentation, […]

Top Sales Experts and Authors to Broadcast Weekly Google Hangout Discussion

You might have heard about Google Hangouts, but if you are like me, you probably thought of it as a chat tool much like Facebook Chat. However, it has the ability to be much more powerful than that, taking communication to a whole new level. Google Hangouts is soon to be the platform thought leaders […]

Inside Sales Virtual Summit Round-up: Large Percentage of Attendees CXO, VP, Director

The inside sales community made history in June as a record-breaking number of people gathered virtually for the largest online event ever—and with a large percentage of the attendees in upper management positions. Almost 60 percent of the more than 15,000 registrants at the Inside Sales Virtual Summit hold at least a management position; 27 […]

HubSpot’s Secret Weapon for Massive Lead Generation

Traditional marketing techniques are quickly becoming ineffective and outdated. People can place themselves on a do-not-call list. DVR has decreased the effectiveness of TV commercials. Email spam blockers are getting progressively better at keeping unsolicited email out. While these tools are great for consumers who can now conduct their own online research on products and […]