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Forbes.com – Best Practices in Time Management


Level 5 Time Management: Beyond Stephen R. Covey and Ben FranklinAt the end of Q4, InsideSales.com’s President, Ken Krogue, pulled the whole company together for a training session on time management. In the training, Ken shared some of the tips he has gained from personal experience and professional experience of working for Franklin Quest (now Franklin Covey).

In his latest Forbes.com article, Ken goes in depth into 5 levels of time management to ensure productivity.

The 5 Levels of Time Management:

  1. Capture: Make a List
  2. Prioritize: Rank your List
  3. Prioritized Daily Task List: Control the Events of Your Life
  4. Week-at-a-glance: Mission, Vision, Roles and Principles
  5. Monthly: Recurring Tasks that Build Habits

Read the full article on Ken Krogue’s Forbes column, here:

Level 5 Time Management: Beyond Stephen R. Covey and Ben Franklin

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One thought on “Forbes.com – Best Practices in Time Management

  1. Wonderful article by Ken. Stephen Covey has been one of the most influential people for me – I should say. In fact he’s one of those people whom I’d like to meet in heaven. I’m on top of the world, and everything’s going great. I wouldn’t be where I am right now if it weren’t for most of his teachings about discipline and other stuff. Nice post Alex! http://bit.ly/ayeen8

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