I have mapped the sales process for over 200 companies in my time. And I know you’re going to hate me for this, but what I’ve learned from mapping 200 sales processes is… you have to map your sales process.

In all the consulting I’ve done, I’ve only had three companies show me a detailed sales process map. Three out of hundreds.

Most sales leaders do not realize that their sales system is a collection of multiple processes. Once visualized in structured manner, leaders can identify gaps and implement improvements to drive results.

Sound difficult?

Six Steps for Mapping the Sales Process

Not really, but often for sales leaders this concept proves to be a tough exercise. When it comes to mapping out your sales process there are six basic steps:

– Understand the process stages that make up your sales organization

– Define a structure for process mapping in your organization

– Map the current state process map

– Review the current state for strengths and opportunities

– Create a future state process map

– Implement a governance structure to periodically manage and improve your sales process

I do hope you take the time to map the sales process, you will not regret it.

This article was originally published on LinkedIn