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Power Dialer Proves Natural Selection Right

Technology is speeding ahead at a break neck speed and all too often we forget to look behind and see the ground we’ve covered. The dialer is one of those technological advances, and a subtle one that’s been ignored. The infamous predictive dialer was one of the early dialers around (and sadly still in use) […]

What is Inside Sales – Vocab Definitions to Know

Here at the Insider, we understand that for new followers some of the words we use might go completely over your head – especially for some of you newbies. So to help out in understanding what we are writing about we have created a list of 10 words we use everyday with short explanations of […]

Looking Backwards and Forwards From 2011: Predictive Sales Intelligence Will Redefine CRM and the Sales Process

One of the problems we all have with technology is that we soon forget that what is now commonplace was once rare or non-existent. New technologies penetrate the market so rapidly that total market transformations can occur in the space of under three years (and some might say even less). It’s barely been a decade […]

Promoting Power Dialer Love (and Predictive Dialer Hate)

As a vendor that specializes in dialer technology and software for sales teams, we get asked this question a lot—”Why won’t you sell / why are you biased against predictive dialers?”

The honest answer is that we don’t want to be part of the telemarketing crowd that calls you at dinner time and makes you say, “No, I don’t want that!” seven times before they finally hang up.

We want to work with professional inside sales people who happen to sell remotely, not telemarketers. It’s a specific choice we made.

Our biggest source of clients is those who come to us looking for a predictive dialer to call their business to consumer (B2C) leads. The first question we ask them is, “How much are you paying for your leads and can you afford to burn many of them?”

They always say “I pay a lot. And no, of course not – I don’t want to burn them… what do you mean?”

Then we point them to the FCC web pages with legislation against predictive dialers and the high annoyance they have caused over the years that have resulted in laws being passed. We show them that Predictive Dialers annoy and burn as many as 3% of their leads EVERY TIME THEY ARE CALLED. If you multiply that by the 7 to 12 times it takes to call a lead before you make contact, they are probably annoying about 1/3 to 1/2 of their list over time . . . .

6 Reasons Why Salesforce Users Need Hosted Dialer Technology

Even though Inside Sales is becoming noticed more and more as a primary method of lead generation and sales, many people are unaware of the potential leverage they can bring to bear to dramatically increase productivity. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software has become commonplace in almost every sales department, whether tradition face-to-face, or a remote […]

Research-Web Leads Beat Cold Calls 8 to 1

The web has disrupted everything we know about sales and marketing.  Even the time-honored practice of cold-calling has fallen by the wayside, and face-to-face selling, advertising, yellow pages, and direct mail are limping along.  But in return, the Internet is opening up the greatest opportunities ever available for sales organizations who learn it’s secrets. InsideSales.com […]

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