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CNBC asks InsideSales.com CEO Dave Elkington how to bootstrap a great startup

CNBC asks InsideSales.com CEO Dave Elkington how to bootstrap a great startup

Startup finance represents a true chicken and egg problem: how to build company infrastructure without revenue, and how to acquire revenue without the infrastructure necessary to generate it? Of course myriad options exist for disrupting that conundrum via the infusion of outside money, but the strings attached to such cash at an early stage are […]

Tips for Sales Entrepreneurs: Forbes.com – One Thing New Hires Can Do that Others Can’t

When we are new to an environment, how often do we notice things that are so plainly obvious, then over time become blind to them? They become incorporated into our daily lives and we forget they are there. That’s the great thing about hiring fresh eyes – they can see the things we no longer […]

Forbes.com: 3 Google Tools to Check Before Starting a Business

Great News! Ken Krogue has accepted an invitation to become a weekly Forbes Online contributor. If you are interested in keeping well-informed of new tips and techniques regarding lead generation  and sales management best practices, please follow Ken Krogue, President of InsideSales.com, on Forbes Online. You can view his first blog post by clicking the link […]

Vendors Don’t Decide What’s “Good Enough”

A couple of weeks ago, we showed a client an early beta mockup of a custom development project we were doing for them. It was a big project, and it was taking quite a bit development resources (read: time) to complete. The client’s feedback was, shall we say, “pointed” (though not unfair, and certainly relevant). […]